The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 114

Edited By Adrian

He lightly opened his thin lips, but not a single word came out of his mouth. Not long after, he clenched his fist and turned around to leave. He opened the door and walked back to the Mu’s villa.


Tong Yan sat in the car, watching Mu Qingyi as he left. He couldn’t help, but crumple his lips.


After a moment of silence, Wei Lan asked Tong Yan, “What’s the matter? Is the Mu family not planning on adopting you anymore?”


Tong Yan nonchalantly replied, “I just don’t want to stay there any longer.”


“So where are we going now?”


“Lanjinwan Apartment building, across from the mall.”


Wei Lan wanted to continue to ask some questions, but Tong Yan obviously did not want to talk anymore, so he held his tongue. Wei Lan felt that right now his female friend “Xu Xinduo” was in a really bad mood.


Just then, Xu Xinduo finally contacted Tong Yan by text message, asking: Why didn’t you bring your phone out with you when you took the dog for a walk?


Tong Yan: It’s not like there’s anyone I wanted to contact. Is there any need to find someone to talk to while I’m walking my dog?


Xu Xinduo: What are you doing now?


Tong Yan: Moving out.


Xu Xinduo did not reply, and Tong Yan did not send any more messages. It was impossible for Xu Xinduo to forcefully return to her body right now anyway. As long as he was not willing to cooperate, Xu Xinduo had no way to switch back by herself.


It was the exact reason why he wanted to move her out before switching back bodies with Xu Xinduo, otherwise he was afraid that Xu Xinduo would just return to the Mu family’s house again.


It was difficult for him to understand why girls couldn’t seem to let go of their messy emotions.


Under the escort of Wei Lan and Su Wei, Tong Yan arrived at the apartment he had prepared for Xu Xinduo.


Pushing the suitcases as they walked in, Wei Lan and Su Wei escorted Tong Yan to the elevator entrance. 


They had no plans to go up with Tong Yan, so they said their goodbyes to him there.


Wei Lan pointed to the elevator as he said, “I’ll be leaving with Su Wei now. It’s not a good idea to be in the same room with a girl this late at night. Go ahead and swipe your card.”


“Yeah. Thanks for today.” Tong Yan said.


“No need to thank us. After all, you’re our sister-in-law so we’re all a big family.”


While Tong Yan swiped the elevator card, he shot Wei Lan a blank look. What sister-in-law?! Who is going to become your family?!


Tong Yan opened the door to the apartment. All of the animals in the apartment were sent away to be fostered at a pet center. The staff of the pet center were initially surprised. It was common to take care of cats, dogs, and even snakes, but they never had sheep and hens arrive before.


However, Tong Yan was willing to pay for them to be taken care of. He even requested for them to be given regular walks, which made the boarding fee more expensive.


Upon entering, he dragged the suitcases to the master bedroom. He opened the suitcases and was about to unload them, when suddenly his phone vibrated. 


Tong Yan picked it up and heard his own voice on the other side of the call, “Have you finished moving out?”


“Yeah. I have just arrived in the apartment, I’m starting to unpack your luggage.”


“Let’s switch back. I can unpack them by myself.”


“Even though I’m willing to do it for you?”


Just as he said that, Tong Yan plugged in his earphones, put his cell phone into his pocket and continued to unpack, “I’m just going to put everything in place for you, so you can save time and don’t even think about going back again. But your luggage…”

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