The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 115

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan decided to open up the suitcase that had been sealed shut when he had switched over to Xu Xinduo’s body. When he opened it, Tong Yan instantly fell silent as he saw that most of its contents were sanitary products.


Even if she were to leave this behind, couldn’t she just buy new ones? Was it really necessary to move out with all this stuff? 


All that was left to fill in the other suitcase were the dress and shoes he had given her.


Xu Xinduo’s family… is so stingy with her.


“I’m sorry, Tong Yan. I made you worry again.” Xu Xinduo lowered her voice as she apologized to Tong Yan.


“I’m warning you, Xu Xinduo. Don’t talk in such a depressing tone in my body, it’s gross.”


“I’m just… a little upset…”


Tong Yan let out a sigh. He stopped unpacking, sat on the bed as he said, “You don’t get to choose your parents. It’s not your fault. There’s no need to feel responsible for their actions. Everyone has their own differing values and ideals. There’s no need to force yourself to be someone else just to be accepted in their world. You’ll just become miserable and they would also feel uncomfortable. Might as well just leave, that way everyone will be happy.”


“Yeah, I understand that.”


“You’ll feel a bit down in the dumps for some time, but it’s all up to you to take care of yourself. In any case, you still have granny and me. It’ll be alright. Be a good girl and get some sleep. I’ll also go to sleep once I’m done with the unpacking. If you’re scared they might come and pester you over the next few days, then let’s not switch back just yet. I can help you deal with them.”


“That won’t do.”


“Why not?”


“I need to take the enrollment tests for the general classes to accumulate some credits.”




This was truly something Tong Yan could not help her with.


Tong Yan finally gave in, “Okay.”


After hanging up the phone, he continued to unpack Xu Xinduo’s luggage, Tong Yan felt a little resigned.


He had put up with all of the contents of the previous suitcase, but this one — why on earth was there a water purifier? She brought new appliances with her? Did she really need to do this?


Looking around, Xu Xinduo’s belongings were all over the place. He had no idea how to organise them.


As a young master himself, he seldom cleaned up his bedroom, let alone someone else’s room. Thus he only did a mediocre job at unpacking and organizing her room.


Finally after he finished, he dragged his exhausted body over to the bed. He swept away the snacks on the bed with his leg, tucked himself under the sheets. Then turned the lights off and drifted off to sleep.


Not long after, he was woken up by a cell phone at 5.30 in the morning.

He thought it was an alarm clock ringing, but he opened his eyes and realised it was the cell phone. After he picked it up, he heard his own voice, asking, “Tong Yan! Why is your body standing up so often recently!”


Pulling a long face, Tong Yan almost had a mental breakdown as he attempted to pacify Xu Xinduo who was frightened of Tong Yan’s pecker. “I’m a seventeen years old young man, okay! When that little thing doesn’t get used for some time, it has a mind of its own, and stands up every now and then to show that it’s still working. It’s also a signal to its owner that it needs to be comforted.”


“B-but, it’s been up for almost half a day.”


“Then just give it a rub!”


“Are you crazy!” Xu Xinduo yelled and hung up the call.


Lying in bed, Tong Yan was stunned as he stared at the darkness of the room. Then he picked up his phone, opened WeChat and saw a message from the other party: Switch back NOW!!!

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