The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 116

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan had no choice, but to cooperate. In an instant, they switched back into their respective bodies.


When Xu Xinduo returned to her own body, she saw her cell phone was still in her hand.


She decided to crawl out from under the sheets, turned on the lights and had a look around the room. She saw her suitcases were left wide open, and empty.


But the way her belongings were placed was… unique.


There was a dress that was simply left sprawling on the sofa in the room. Was it too much to ask from him to hang this up in the closet?


Looking around she found that the sanitary products were stacked up like a fortress’ walls on the windowsill.


She had a minor mental meltdown after looking at the layout of the room. Raising her hands to cover her face, she wondered if she had perhaps dreamt up an unrealistic version of Tong Yan yesterday. She walked into the bathroom, hoping to wash up, but instead she found that the water heater was turned off, meaning there was no hot water in the apartment.


Left with no choice, she had activated the water heater herself. Following instructions from a manual, she connected all of the electronic appliances in the house to her cell phone, afterwards, she went back into her room to straighten it out.


After she put away her things and she hung up her clothes, she saw that Tong Yan had been sleeping in her underwear.


Having more or less tidied up the room, she took a shower with lukewarm water. Once finished, she stepped out of the bathroom and picked up her phone. There was a message from Tong Yan: I’ve arranged for a car to pick you up.


She quickly changed into some clothes. She grabbed her school bag, as she walked out of the residential complex and got into the car arranged by Tong Yan.


Sitting in the car, she felt that Tong Yan was most likely competing with the Mu family. She did not know when he had the time to prepare this, but right before her eyes was a pink Porsche.


Honestly… She disliked pink cars. She would have preferred a black car or a white one.


Upon her arrival at school, she realized Tong Yan had arrived earlier than she did. Just as she put down her school bag, Tong Yan grabbed her by the wrist. They walked out into the storage room next to the classroom.


The storage room mostly stored projectors and teaching aids. So it was not very spacious, just a bit wider than the window in the room.


Standing in front of her, Tong Yan pinned Xu Xinduo’s shoulder against the wall with one hand. Propping the other hand against the wall, he looked at her in the standard wall-slamming position and asked, “Tell me: do you admit your wrongdoings?”


Xu Xinduo obediently nodded, “I admit I was wrong.”


In situations like this, Xu Xinduo would usually surrender and admit any wrongdoing. After all, Tong Yan rarely reprimanded her. For this kind of situation to happen, it would have meant that Tong Yan was beyond furious, and for the right reasons.


After they got to know each other well enough, both of them came to a consensus: Tong Yan would follow and tolerate the whims of Xu Xinduo 80% of the time; while Xu Xinduo would show Tong Yan some respect 20% of the time.


Tong Yan scowled as he continued to ask, “Say it, what did you do wrong?”


“I didn’t rub it.”


“I’m not talking about that!” Tong Yan said with a bizarre expression. He lifted Xu Xinduo’s chin with his fingers, raising her eye level so she could look directly at him, “You think you’re so tough now, don’t you? You were in trouble but you didn’t tell me? You think you’re so strong now?  If it wasn’t for me, switching in at that moment, who knows where you’d end up when you’re in such a sorry state. Are you looking for trouble?”


Xu Xinduo did not want to look at Tong Yan at such a close and personal range, not to mention being alone together with him in such a tiny room.


She looked away, her gaze wandered off as she whispered, “I was just too angry yesterday.”


“Look at me.”

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