The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 118

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When Xu Xinduo was living in the countryside, the only equipment she had was an electric keyboard to practise on. She also had not been able to take any piano exams.


The competition only allowed certified pianists to participate.


Tong Yan lowered his head to read the flyer. After a moment, he pointed to a row of words at the bottom and said, “There’s a category for amateur participants.”


Xu Xinduo took a look and said, “The competition for the amateur category is in a totally different venue from the others. It also seems like there are more rounds to compete in for the amateurs.”


“Do you have enough time to get certified?”


“The registration deadline is too close. I’ll have to compete in the amateur category.”


As she replied, she continued to fill in the forms and signed up for the competition.


Resting his chin on his hands, Tong Yan stared at Xu Xinduo as she enthusiastically studied all the flyers handed out by the class monitor. She wrote down the competition itineraries, dates, prizes, and amount of attainable school credits.


Afterwards, she started to summarize all co-curricular activities that would give her credits. She decided to pick the activities that had the highest credit scores and the ones she was good at. She then submitted the registrations on the school’s app.


As he looked at her, he felt that Xu Xinduo’s schedule was going to be pretty packed from Monday to Friday. There was no time allotted for self-study in that schedule of hers.


Tong Yan asked, “Which exam hall do you need to go to when you take the ordinary class test tomorrow?” 


“I have never scored within the ranks before so it’ll be in the last exam hall. That would be in the Ordinary Class of first year Seniors Class 13’s classroom.”


“The last exam hall is always filled with ruffians, you better look after yourself.”




Jiahua International School determined which exam halls you would sit in based on your academic achievements. Only students who were ranked in the top 50 were placed in the first exam hall, where there were no supervisors.


Xu Xinduo had no achievements, so she was placed in the last exam hall. All students who were placed there had the worst academic performance in the school; thus, the atmosphere there would be quite discouraging.


However, Xu Xinduo did not care. She was just going there to sit an exam.


No one seemed to be bothered by the news of Xu Xinduo moving out from the Mu villa. There was no commotion at all.


Neither Mu Qingyi nor Mu Qingyao came to see Xu Xinduo after she moved out. Xu Xinduo spent her days peacefully up until the day she went for her exam.


However, not long after entering the classroom, she saw Yin Shaoshu suddenly approaching her. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes.


In Jiahua International School: apart from the first exam hall of each year group, all other exam halls were interspersed between the first and second year senior groups.


To prevent cheating, the seats were arranged in alternating rows of first and second year senior students.


Unfortunately, Xu Xinduo and Yin Shaoshu were placed in the same exam hall.


After Yin Shaoshu entered the hall, he sat in the seat beside Xu Xinduo. He then turned sideways and called out to her in an unfriendly tone, “Hey! I want to talk to you! Are you Tong Yan’s girlfriend?”


Xu Xinduo ignored him.


“Is Tong Yan courting you? Did he succeed?”


She continued to ignore him.


Yin Shaoshu continued to ask, “Are you deaf?  Don’t you hear me talking to you?”


After asking, he walked over and kicked Xu Xinduo’s chair.


Xu Xinduo raised her head and shot him a glare. “Piss off.”


“F̲*̲c̲k̲ …” Yin Shaoshu was angry at Xu Xinduo’s attitude and he said with a sneer, “You’re quite aggressive.”


He stared back at Xu Xinduo. He was beginning to feel awkward after staring into her eyes for a while. Yin Shaoshu then said, “Are you glaring at me? Are you trying to look down on me? What’s wrong with your eyes? You look so annoying with your deadpan eyes.”


Xu Xinduo:  “……”

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