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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 119

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Not only did he not leave her alone, instead he pulled his chair closer and sat right beside her as if he was not going anywhere any time soon.


When he saw she was reading a book, he took the book from Xu Xinduo’s hands and threw it aside. He continued, “I’m asking you a question. What is your relationship with Tong Yan?”


“What does it have to do with you?”


“Tong Yan is an eyesore to me. So if you’re his girlfriend, you better prepare yourself for some trouble!”


The reason he saw Tong Yan as an eyesore was an incident that happened not too long ago. Xu Xinduo got into a fight with Yin Shaoshu when she was in Tong Yan’s body.


It was mainly because Xu Xinduo saw Yin Shaoshu was bullying a girl. In the international school, there were four classes in each grade and all of them were located in the same building. So whenever there was a commotion in Senior Year One’s class, everyone in Senior Year Two’s class would know about it as well.


On the day of the fight, a female student was just sitting in her seat when Yin Shaoshu all of a sudden kicked her desk up into the air. He pointed at her nose as he threw obscene words at her.


The only thing the girl could do was sob. Thinking that he was being ignored, Yin Shaoshu tore apart all of her books and scattered the pieces above her head.


The girl just kept sobbing. Feeling restless, Yin Shaoshu grabbed her hand and was about to take her to “have fun” at the water fountain. Xu Xinduo could not take it anymore and stood in the way of Yin Shaoshu.


Yin Shaoshu was furious, thinking that Tong Yan was butting into his business. So they ended up in a fight.


This was how the lives of Yin Shaoshu and Tong Yan began to intersect with each other.


Xu Xinduo did not share the incident with Tong Yan. At that time, the Mu family’s incident had just happened. Xu Xinduo was so devastated that she had forgotten about it. On top of that, she really did not take Yin Shaoshu seriously.


When Tong Yan returned to his body, he did feel that Yin Shaoshu was always looking for faults with him. Not understanding why, Tong Yan thought that Yin Shaoshu was just being a prick. Knowing Tong Yan’s personality; whenever Yin Shaoshu annoyed him, Tong Yan probably would just beat him up. The two of them just could not stand each other.


“I’m not his girlfriend.” Xu Xinduo replied, sounding indefinitely annoyed.


Yin Shaoshu heard these words and was about to let her off. However, Xu Xinduo added on and said, “But if you dare to make a move on him, I won’t let you get away with it.”


Yin Shaoshu paused for a moment. He looked at Xu Xinduo. With a surprised tone, he asked, “Are the two of you… sworn friends?”


“It’s none of your business.”


Yin Shaoshu pushed his chair back to his table and said to Xu Xinduo, “Right, got it memorized. You’re a part of Tong Yan’s crew.”


Xu Xinduo did not respond. She took a book out from her bag and continued her reading.


Gradually, students filled into the classroom one after another. Someone came up to Yin Shaoshu and greeted him, “Young Master Yin, why are you sitting for your exam here? Aren’t you part of the international class?”


Yin Shaoshu replied with a sigh, “Don’t mention it. My family said that I might become a regular lawbreaker if I were to go abroad to study. They told me that I was better off staying within the country. This way they could at least bail me out immediately if I ever get myself into any serious trouble. And that’s how I’ve ended up in the ordinary class.”


In the classroom, there were several people who were secretly staring at Xu Xinduo as they whispered among themselves.


The news about Tong Yan crashing the Mu family’s birthday party, then taking Xu Xinduo away with him were all hot gossip that spread around the school like wildfire. Once again, Xu Xinduo was put into the spotlight and was the centre of attention.


It seemed like it was going to be impossible to clear up this incident.


Moreover, Xu Xinduo could no longer be bothered to give any explanations. She couldn’t care less about how other people would interpret or judge her and Tong Yan.

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