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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 120

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Just before the exams started, the teachers confiscated away every student’s cell phones and reminded the students to remain seated in their respective seats for the duration of the exam.


The examination room that Xu Xinduo was in had 22 students in it. There were 20 students who were placed in the bottom 20 of the school rankings, one student who was just here to gain school credits (Xu Xinduo) and one transfer student (Yin Shaoshu). The end result of gathering all of these students together was that only Xu Xinduo was taking her exam seriously.


Once they had finished their multiple choice questions, most of them began to stare wildly about in all directions in their seats.


As they were all forced to stay in the classroom for the duration of the exam, the only one who was still writing in the entire classroom was Xu Xinduo. The test papers were thin; the tip of her pen would repeatedly scratch on her desk, generating a “DA DA DA” sound.


Yin Shaoshu frowned as he watched her fill in her test papers. He craned his neck over to take a closer look; but then he buckled back down and proceeded to sluggishly chew on his gum, blowing and bursting a bubble repetitively.


Feeling restless; he started to sway back and forth on his chair, successively hitting the table behind him which produced a loud noise.


The invigilator in the classroom was generally being indifferent and did not seem to mind nor care about the noise, which irritated Xu Xinduo to no end.


She turned her head to look at Yin Shaoshu and whispered, “Be quiet.”


Yin Shaoshu paused momentarily.


Xu Xinduo continued to answer her test papers.


At this point, Yin Shaoshu perked up. Now, he was swaying back and forth with more vigor; and the sound of the resulting impact was more articulate and provocative.


Xu Xinduo raised her head and glared at Yin Shaoshu. This time she did not bother to retort and resumed working on her test papers. This made Yin Shaoshu laugh.


After the exam was over, Yin Shaoshu decided to send a voice message on his cell phone during recess, when he saw Xu Xinduo walking towards him, while taking off her sweater.


Yin Shaoshu was taken aback. What was she trying to do?


With the sweater, she proceeded to tie up his body and bound it tightly to the backrest of the chair.


He tried to wriggle free from the restraints, only to realize that this woman’s strength was quite formidable. He failed to free himself.


Then, Xu Xinduo kicked away the table behind him, before grabbing Yin Shaoshu’s shoulders. He was still bound to the chair, when she pushed him backwards which scared Yin Shaoshu as he screamed, “Ahhh…!”


He thought he was about to fall to the ground and hit his head. But instead he was stopped short as Xu Xinduo’s foot had caught hold of the chair and counterbalanced its fall. This awkward predicament was extremely embarrassing for him.


Xu Xinduo deliberately asked, “Having fun yet?”


Yin Shaoshu angrily shouted, “You crazy bi…”


Before he could finish cussing, Xu Xinduo swiftly returned the chair to its original upright position. Following the motions of the chair, Yin Shaoshu jerked back up and forwards; but Xu Xinduo immediately pushed him back down again.


It felt like he was riding an extremely rough roller coaster.


Yin Shaoshu had the burning desire to kill her as he attempted to break free again with all of his might. Unfortunately for him, his restraints were incredulously tight, he could not even fathom how Xu Xinduo managed to pull it off.


When she sat him back upright once more, Xu Xinduo looked at Yin Shaoshu. His face was darkened with fury. She then said, “Didn’t you love playing see-saw with your chair just now? Go on, keep playing!”

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