The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 121

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan: Oh my, it looks like Master Xinduo has discovered the ways of subduing headstrong rascals.


Tong Yan had just arrived at the classroom when he witnessed the incident.


He had been worried that Xu Xinduo would become a target of harassment by the students in the infamous last examination hall. However, he was shocked when he saw her clearly demonstrating the power of a domineering disciplinarian. He always had the impression that Xu Xinduo was a dainty, sensitive flower that needed his protection.


That was why he had come to visit Xu Xinduo during recess. He felt like he was a father who had just sent his daughter off to kindergarten and had secretly followed after to look over her. Instead, he witnessed that his little dainty flower was teaching others how to behave.


Bringing a bottle of oolong tea with him, he walked into the classroom. He put the bottle on Xu Xinduo’s table and greeted her, “Are you busy?”


Wei Lan and Su Wei had also tagged along with Tong Yan. The two of them were more interested in looking at the reactions of the crowd and they were savoring every moment of it, as they walked in.


Although Tong Yan had arrived, he did not bother to stop the fight between Xu Xinduo and Yin Shaoshu. Instead, he just sat on Xu Xinduo’s table, watching her straighten out Yin Shaoshu. He opted to stand guard and looked out for her.


Tong Yan looked at her like she was a little rugrat playing with a toy. His little rugrat looked very adorable.


Yin Shaoshu was about to blow his top as he began to yell out violent profanities.


Xu Xinduo repeated rocking the chair a few more times before she finally released Yin Shaoshu.


After she took back her sweater, Tong Yan was afraid that Yin Shaoshu would immediately jump at her. So he swiftly jumped off the table to shield Xu Xinduo, but only to see Yin Shaoshu helplessly sprawled across his desk, struggling to regain his breath.


Due to his incessant cussing, coupled with the constant motion of rocking back and forth; he was now short of breath.


Scratching his head, Yin Shaoshu looked up towards the two people standing in front of him. He pointed at Xu Xinduo and was about to continue cussing but then he heard Tong Yan say, “If you have any grievances, come at me instead. Don’t cause trouble with girls, it’s just shameful.”


Yin Shaoshu was about to flip out as he had been on the receiving end of abuse. But now he was even forced to eat dog feed. After a moment, he grunted, “I… Ah! I’m so angry, it’s making my head hurt!”


(T/N: “To eat dog feed” means to feel overwhelmed with envy of other people showing off their loving relationship when you are single.)


The bell rang, signalling that the next exam was about to take place. Not long after, a teacher entered the class room with new test papers, so Tong Yan and the others were forced to leave.


Tong Yan was still feeling a little worried, but he was driven out by Xu Xinduo, “It’s okay.”


After the teacher had settled in the classroom, Yin Shaoshu did not dare cause any trouble. When he received the paper, he even decided to fill in the questionnaire with a serious attitude. He confidently answered every question as C, regardless of the fact that some of the questions that only had two choices of answers.


When he had finished filling in his answers, he turned his head and glared at Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo ignored him and continued to work on her test papers.

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