The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 122

Edited By Adrian

Fortunately, Yin Shaoshu did not attempt to provoke Xu Xinduo anymore. Like a husky dog, he just glared at her with hostility, all the while looking a little silly.


Yin Shaoshu began to feel his eyes tire as he had been glaring at her for almost half the time given for the exam, so he fell asleep on his desk after a while.


When Xu Xinduo was finished with her test papers, she checked over her answers while drinking her oolong tea, before handing in her papers. By the time Yin Shaoshu woke up, Xu Xinduo was already gone.


Yin Shaoshu stretched his arms before he stood up to go look for her.


When Yin Shaoshu noticed Xu Xinduo, she was with her friends, eating lunch together in the cafeteria. Yin Shaoshu tapped his finger on the table as he spoke to Tong Yan, “You said to come at you?”


Yin Shaoshu could not tolerate feeling miserable. If he did not vent his frustrations, he would eat his own hat.


(T/N: “Eat his own hat” is a Chinese expression describing a hypothetical act of penance [in this case, to disown one’s family] that one promises to take if they are wrong about something.)


Tong Yan nodded before standing up, “Yeah.”


Xu Xinduo looked up at them, wanting to follow them, but Tong Yan told her to stay behind. “You still have an exam in the afternoon, just relax.” Afterwards, he took Wei Lan and Su Wei with him as they went out together with Yin Shaoshu.


Lou Xu stared at them in bewilderment as her mouth hung ajar at the sight of the group who were walking out. Then she spoke to Xu Xinduo, “When they clash, it’s as if two golden mountains are exchanging blows with one another! I’m afraid that if the fight gets too severe, they will resort to throwing money; whoever throws the most will be the victor.”


(T/N: “Golden mountain” refers to a person who comes from a background with unshakeable wealth and power.)


The Tong family were domineering financial magnates. While the Yin family were unrivalled in wealth and influence.


If the young masters of these two families fought against each other, it would spell a disaster.


Xu Xinduo was still feeling worried, so she sent a message to Tong Yan and asked: “Did I make a mess of things?”


Tong Yan immediately replied: “Aiyo, our Demoness has finally gotten into trouble. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment.”


She looked at her phone once more, before putting it down. In the past, it had always been Tong Yan who caused trouble and it was always Xu Xinduo who had to clean up after his mess. It was a rare occasion for her to get Tong Yan to straighten out her mess, thus he was slightly excited to help her.


“Sigh, let’s not talk about them anymore.” Xu Xinduo sighed.


Still, Lou Xu turned to look back the way the guys left. She was really keen to follow after them as a spectator. Wouldn’t it be quite a sight to behold a battle between handsome men?


Even though Yin Shaoshu had an explosive personality, he was also quite handsome…


Xu Xinduo was about to finish eating, when Lou Xu began to talk about other things, “The exam questions were quite difficult this time. Everyone in the first exam hall was wailing in agony.”


Xu Xinduo did not find the exam difficult. It was at a level she could handle.


She only got irritated by Yin Shaoshu.


“I think it was okay.” Xu Xinduo replied.


“You took the test as well?”


“Well, I missed an exam in the international class. So I had no credits, since my old school was on a point based system.”

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