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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 123

Edited By Adrian

“Oh yeah! That must be rough! I even found the exam difficult… Especially the second to last question. Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe chose the second answer; I chose the third.”


“What did you pick?”


Lou Xu asked, Xu Xinduo casually replied, “Mu Qingyi should be right.”


“Well, I’m not surprised. After all, Mu Qingyi is an academic genius. Shao Qinghe also has pretty good grades but he doesn’t come to school often so most of the time he just can’t keep up.”


Only after she finished talking, did Lou Xu realize Xu Xinduo’ reply, “You said the test was okay for you?”


“Well, yeah. It was only Chinese and mathematics.”


Lou Xu: “So your answer to the second last question was the same as Mu Qingyi’s? Then what about the last question?”


Xu Xinduo had her bag with her so she took out a notepad and pen and began to scribble down some notes for Lou Xu to read. Lou Xu looked at the notes, then looked back at Xu Xinduo. Previously, everyone in the Rocket class had gathered together to compare their answers after the exam. Eventually, she realized that Xu Xinduo’s answer to the last question was the same as Mu Qingyi’s and Shao Qinghe’s.


Lou Xu straightened her face after a moment of shock. She did not want to continue reading the rest of Xu Xinduo’s answers anymore because she knew she had answered those two questions incorrectly.


Then she asked, “Are you actually really good at studying?”


Lou Xu quickly  covered her phone with her hands on the table, suddenly she started speaking in a covert tone, “Don’t tell anyone else. Just wait for the results to be announced, I’m sure the news will spread far and wide! Those scumbags will faint from shock for underestimating you!”


When she finished speaking, Lou Xu suddenly became very excited as she wiggled her shoulders back and forth.


“Mm, okay.” Xu Xinduo answered with a smile.


In the afternoon, Yin Shaoshu did not return to the examination hall.


Xu Xinduo could not contact Tong Yan to ask as she had to hand over her cell phone to the invigilators. She could only stay inside the exam hall throughout the duration of the test, wondering what happened.


After Xu Xinduo handed in her papers, she returned to her classroom and saw  that everyone inside was looking at her. She returned to her seat and sat down. She noticed that Tong Yan and Su Wei were not in the classroom.


Wei Lan turned around and faced Xu Xinduo, “Brother Yan and the others were all sent to the Academic Affairs Office and have been standing outside the door for the whole afternoon.”


Xu Xinduo was only concerned with one matter, “Are they seriously injured?”


“They should be alright. If it was serious, they would have been sent to the hospital instead of standing outside the office as punishment.”


“That makes sense.”


Wei Lan observed Xu Xinduo who seemed to be very calm. At that moment, he could not help but remind her in a quiet voice, “News about you being the cause of the fight between Brother Yan and Yin Shaoshu has spread throughout the school. Liu Yating is super mad, she even came to our classroom just now looking for you.”


“Oh. I see.”


“Be careful, Liu Yating has a pretty explosive personality.”


“Yep, got it, thanks.”


Xu Xinduo packed her belongings and left the classroom once the final school bell rang.


There were some students who were going to their co-curricular clubs and those who were walking back from the multimedia building. These students were interspersed together in the hallways, making it very difficult to find a specific someone.


When Liu Yating arrived at International Class 4, Xu Xinduo had already left.


Liu Yating was very angry. She turned around and went to the Academic Affairs Office again.

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