The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 124

Edited By Adrian

As Liu Yating was walking towards the office, she spotted Xu Xinduo standing by the fence. She was facing where the boys were being punished and did not seem to have any intention of entering the office.


Liu Yating was about to call out to Xu Xinduo to have a few words with her. However, she saw that Tong Yan, who was supposed to be standing by the office as corporal punishment, was sitting leisurely against the fence. He leaned backwards and looked up at Xu Xinduo. He seemed to be smiling as he held out his hand like a pair of scissors towards Xu Xinduo.


As Liu Yating saw this scene, she felt her heart ache slightly.


Why was her heart so obstinate, refusing to listen to reason?


When she saw that Tong Yan was getting disciplined, she was worried about him. But when she heard the reason for the fight was Xu Xinduo, she was really angry at her. However, the people involved in the fight seemed to be fine. Tong Yan seemed to be able to flirt, perhaps their relationship would only get stronger from now on.


If she got involved now, she would just be inviting contempt upon herself.


As she walked away, she not only felt agonizing pain in her heart, but a pulsing pain in her lower abdomen. She stopped walking and squatted in a corner, clenching her stomach.


At that moment, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching her. When Liu Yating looked up, she saw that it was Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo had always known that Liu Yating suffered from dysmenorrhea, just like she did. When she saw Liu Yating squatting in a corner clenching her abdomen with a pale expression on her face, it was obvious to Xu Xinduo that she was experiencing period pains.


She stooped down beside Liu Yating and asked, “Does your tummy hurt?”


Liu Yating still could not accept Xu Xinduo’s help, so she turned her head and ignored her.


Xu Xinduo stretched out her hand and held onto Liu Yating’s calf, then proceeded to massage her San Yin Jiao acupuncture point. It was said that massaging this point could relieve some menstrual pain.


(T/N: “San Yin Jiao” is commonly known to treat urological, pelvic disorders, insomnia, and menstrual cramps.)


For a moment, Liu Yating was taken aback by Xu Xinduo’s behavior. Then, she stretched out her hand and pushed Xu Xinduo away, “What are you doing?”


“This helps to ease the pain.”


Liu Yating really could not stand having Xu Xinduo so close to her, so she asked her, “Hey, didn’t you hear I was planning on giving you a hard time?”


“Mm, I expected that. After all, this time it really did happen because of me.”


The first time there was conflict with Yin Shaoshu was due to her principles. This time it was a different issue, but it was still caused by her actions, thus she admitted it.


Liu Yating could not help but to add on, “You sound like you’re quite proud of yourself!”


Xu Xinduo stretched out her hand and continued to massage Liu Yating’s acupuncture point. “Would you like to take a pill? I have some in my bag.”


“No need! I have my own.” Liu Yating grabbed her bag, took out her pills and showed them to Xu Xinduo.


“Take one. Don’t put up with the pain.”


Liu Yating hesitated to take the pill as she realized she had no water.


Xu Xinduo seemed to have realized this as well. She got up and said, “I’ll go buy some water for you. Just keep massaging this point like I did just now.”


Liu Yating squatted in the corner as she watched Xu Xinduo leave. She could not help but to mutter to herself, “What’s wrong with this girl…”

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