The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 125

Edited By Adrian

After a while, Xu Xinduo brought back a cup of warm water and a cup of milk tea. “The milk tea shop wouldn’t sell me a cup of warm water unless I bought their milk tea. Take your medicine first then wait a while before you drink the milk tea, as it is still hot.”


Liu Yating did not speak, she remained in her spot.


Xu Xinduo did not plan to stay. Once she placed the cups in front of Liu Yating, she left.


Liu Yating poked a plastic straw through the lid of the cup of warm water. After taking her medicine, she changed her position to get a better look at Xu Xinduo’s back. It seemed that Xu Xinduo was walking towards the Academic Affairs Office again. She could only guess that Xu Xinduo was planning on waiting for Tong Yan.


She took another two sips of hot water and frowned as she looked down at her calf.


Thinking back, her menstruation had started two years ago, and every time it came, she would experience excruciating pain. She believed in some hearsay, that if she ate too many painkillers, she would become over-reliant on them. That was why she would just endure it by herself.


Once, the pain was so unbearable that she fainted. She vaguely remembered seeing Tong Yan running towards her and carrying her to the infirmary.


When she woke up, she saw Tong Yan massaging the very same pressure point.


Forget it, I don’t care anymore.


Tong Yan, you big dummy. Falling for a troublemaker. You can go torture each other for all I care!


Liu Yating sulked as she took another sip of the warm water.


Before all this, Xu Xinduo noticed that Liu Yating had arrived nearby the office and left hastily, so she decided to follow after her. Now that she had finished helping her, she had to pay attention to Tong Yan’s situation.


The school authorities must have called in the parents of Tong Yan and Yin Shaoshu. This was because by the time Xu Xinduo had returned to office, she saw Yin Shaochen and Yin Hua who were Yin Shaoshu’s parents.


While Yin Hua (Tong Yan’s mom) and Tong Hua (Yin Shaoshu’s mom) were talking, Yin Shaochen (Yin Shaoshu’s father) caught a glimpse of Xu Xinduo and quickly turned to look at her. Xu Xinduo was taken aback and subconsciously bit her fingernail, but she quickly put down her hand and hid behind a nearby pillar so as not to further complicate the situation.


As the two adults entered the office, Tong Yan and the others leaned against the windowsill to listen in. After listening in for a while, Tong Yan waved his hand at Xu Xinduo, moving his lips, he seemed to be telling her to “Run away!!!”


Yin Shaoshu noticed Tong Yan’s behavior and shouted towards the occupants of the office, “She’s over there.”


Xu Xinduo knew they must be talking about her. However, it was not convenient for her to involve her parents right now, so she ran away in a hurry.


Seeing Xu Xinduo run away so fast, Yin Shaoshu was beginning to feel anxious. He pointed towards her direction and asked, “She’s running away, shall I chase after?”


An icy voice resonated from within the office as Yin Shaochen shouted, “Get back here you rascal!”


Instantly, Yin Shaoshu stood still.


Xu Xinduo hopped into her annoying pink Porsche and took the car home. On the way home, she received a message from Deyu.


Deyu: Why did I get fired? I went to your place this morning, only to find out I got fired.


Only then did Xu Xinduo think about Deyu. She raised her head and asked her new driver who was sent by Tong Yan, “Hi, excuse me but are you my full-time driver?”


“Nope, I’m one of the company’s drivers. I was asked to take this job at the last minute.”


“Do you have other work commitments?”


“Yes, sometimes I go to the airport to pick up people.”

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