The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 126

Edited By Adrian

Xu Xinduo lowered her head and sent a message to Deyu: I had to move out of  the Mu villa. Sorry for not informing you. Would you be up for working for me again, but driving a different car?


Deyu: Sure thing, after all I’m a vagrant now. I can even seamlessly transition to any work you want me to do, as long as my salary remains the same.


Xu Xinduo: Can I ask, what was your previous salary?


Deyu: A fixed salary of 8,000 yuan per month. You pay for the fuel as well.


Xu Xinduo could not help herself from feeling shocked when she saw the figure of his salary. At that very moment, she had the urge to borrow a motorcycle from Tong Yan and ride it to school every day. But winter was coming, so it might be too cold for that.


When Xu Xinduo returned home, she thought about the money she still had, then thought about the money from the competitions. Her head was in a muddle from contemplating her future.


Around 7.00pm, Tong Yan sounded relaxed when he called Xu Xinduo. He asked, “Have you eaten?”


“Not yet, I forgot. Anyway, there’s a lot of junk food at home… How about you?”


“No way you can eat only that stuff, Xu Xinduo. Don’t you know how to take care of your stomach? Are you trying to die of hunger? If you keep going like this, it will happen. Why don’t you try swallowing a knife? I’ve got this nice-and-sharp utility knife here. I’ll bring it to you so you can swallow it down, nice and smooth.”


Xu Xinduo was not in the mood to talk back. “I’m going to eat now.”


“Okay, don’t move. I’ll order takeaway from a restaurant, just wait.”


After ending the phone call, Xu Xinduo realized that she had completely forgotten about dinner.


Before Tong Yan arrived, she tidied up the kitchen and the dining room. When Tong Yan walked into the apartment, Xu Xinduo greeted him. He gave her a blank look and ignored her, then he walked directly towards the dining room.


After he entered, he placed the takeaway boxes on the table. He opened them one by one, then pulled a pair of chopsticks apart and placed them in front of Xu Xinduo. After all this, he continued to lecture her, “Xu Xinduo. You’ve gotten yourself a big head as of late.”


Xu Xinduo was wholeheartedly eating her dinner and was showing particularly good manners, while listening to him.


When he saw that Xu Xinduo was being obedient, the corners of Tong Yan’s mouth raised as he smiled. He sat down opposite Xu Xinduo and began to eat dinner as well.


After sitting down, he began to talk about what happened in the afternoon, “I fought with Yin Shaoshu. In the past, there was an accident in the Yin family. That’s why all the kids from the Yin family are taught self-defence skills to prevent themselves from getting kidnapped. Yin Shaoshu was quite skilled, so we both scored 55 points from our little brawl. The only reason why you could tie up Yin Shaoshu so easily, was mainly due to the fact you caught him off guard.”


“Did you get hurt?”


Xu Xinduo felt that she was having a double standard. When she had dinners with the Mu family, she did not bother to care about anyone. But when she was with Tong Yan, she would chat with him while eating their meals together.


Tong Yan stood up, rolled his sleeves up and showed Xu Xinduo his arms. There were traces of bruising here and there. Then he lifted his shirt to show her his chest and back. “I only got hurt in these places. He didn’t get off any better than I did.”


Xu Xinduo took a bite of some rice and said, “I just feel so angry whenever I see him.”


“I also figured out what happened last time,” Tong Yan sat down and continued to eat, as he said, “Last time, Yin Shaoshu harassed a girl because she was not a good person and did something really bad.”


Xu Xinduo stopped eating and looked at Tong Yan.


Tong Yan continued to narrate.

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