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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 127

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

The matter more or less went like this: Yin Shaoshu used to take care of a stray kitten near the school, bringing some things for the kitten to eat from time to time.


However, one day, he saw the little kitten’s corpse. Its fur had been cruelly shaved off, its body had been bound, and it had been thrown outside to die in the rain.


Later, he found out who did it and went to find that girl.


That girl abused cats because the girl who stole her boyfriend liked to feed cats.


The scene Xu Xinduo had seen was Yin Shaoshu pulling the girl and trying to throw her into the pond. Naturally, Xu Xinduo went to stop him when she saw this.


Yin Shaoshu’s anger hadn’t been relieved at the time. So his words and replies had all been very extreme, leading to the fight between Yin Shaoshu and Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo felt a burst of discomfort after hearing this. “Then, did I blame him wrongly?”


“No. You were just stopping him from using violence against violence. You did nothing wrong. Plus, he was indeed the one who provoked you today.”


“What did your parents say?”


“Don’t you know my mom? Her acting skills, my god, I even thought that she wanted to sever our mother-child relationship. After we left the office, she asked me what I wanted to eat, whether I was hurt or not. Even started complaining about how loathsome Yin Shaoshu was for making me angry.”


Xu Xinduo thought for a bit before asking, “I saw that Yin Shaochen also came.”


“Yin Shaochen has always had a bad relationship with his family. It was only because the Yin family didn’t have any other suitable candidate that he was able to gradually take over the business. I was also pretty annoyed by Yin Shaoshu. That’s also the reason why I also didn’t stop you when you were teaching him a lesson in the exam hall. Everyone in the Yin family knows what kind of personality he has.”


“Will you be punished by the school?”


“No, both of our families donated a building together.”




Xu Xinduo’s mood became even more complicated… she got into one fight, and as a result… they compensated the school with a building!?


When Tong Yan saw Xu Xinduo’s expression, he laughed and lightly bumped her calf with his foot under the table. “What’s with your expression? Another reason we donated the building was so that the school would be nicer to me. You don’t have to be like this. It’s because I caused so much trouble before and it’s accumulated. 90% of it’s for me, you know?”


Xu Xinduo sighed. “I’m not worried about you getting into a fight. You’re always fighting. But I can’t bear to pay compensation for you after you get into a fight.”


Tong Yan asked, “So that means that you can bear for me to suffer, but you can’t bear to part with the money?”




Tong Yan suddenly thought that his rice didn’t taste good.


He felt that there was no way to get along with this friend anymore.


Xu Xinduo continued to tell Tong Yan, “Here I was still hesitating whether I should continue to use a full-time driver, whose salary is 8,000 yuan a month. However, you have just donated a building without even batting an eye!”


“Ah, about a driver. You should really hire one. The company’s drivers can’t always come over. Eight thousand is pretty cheap. Our company’s drivers have a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan a month, not including the various benefits, since we don’t want them to job-hop.”


“That much!?”


“Yeah. All the drivers in our company can speak four languages, so it’s easy to pick up foreign guests. We don’t need to send a special person to go pick people up, since the driver can take care of everything.”


Xu Xinduo suddenly felt that it was too hard to live. “I… can’t afford it.”

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