The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 128

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan reached out and grabbed Xu Xinduo’s phone. Then, he looked up Deyu in WeChat and forwarded her business card to himself. Then, he continued to talk to Xu Xinduo, “I’ll pay her salary.”


Xu Xinduo didn’t refuse because she really couldn’t afford it.


Tong Yan took out a card from his bag and put it on top of the table. “This is my spare card. If you’re short of money, you can just swipe this.”


Xu Xinduo took the card and asked faintly, “Does this count as being kept by you?”


Tong Yan picked up his chopsticks and continued to eat. “Don’t disgust me. Even if I wanted to keep someone, I would pick someone who would be obedient. Who would raise someone like you, who can beat me anytime?”


Xu Xinduo accepted the card. It really wasn’t unreasonable. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have any way to survive in the near future.


She spoke again, “Wait a while before bringing Grandma over. Let the situation with the Mu family calm down a bit first. How about celebrating New Year’s together?”




When they finished eating, Tong Yan was about to leave. However, Xu Xinduo asked him to stay for a moment.


She took a box of ointment, scooped out a chunk from it, and applied it to the bruises on Tong Yan’s arm. Then, she began to rub it in for him. “Bear with it a little. This ointment can heal bruising quickly and improves blood circulation. When you get home, apply a cold compress for two days before applying a warm compress.”


Tong Yan had actually been feeling pretty good after being taken care of by Xu Xinduo. However, when she started rubbing the ointment, pain ran down his spine as he repeatedly tried to dodge but was still dragged back by Xu Xinduo in the end.


Xu Xinduo scooped out another chunk and said, “Lift up your shirt.”


Tong Yan could only obediently lift his shirt up. Then, Xu Xinduo helped him apply ointment to his body while simultaneously pressing on his bones. She asked, “Does it hurt?”


“It’s fine. It’s not the first time I’ve been in a fight. I’m well aware of the situation.” Tong Yan looked down at her, feeling a bit uncomfortable.


Her hands were very cold.


Tong Yan still felt it was unnatural when she touched him. In the end, she was a girl the same age as him. No matter how familiar they were with each other, she was still of the opposite gender. Wasn’t lifting up his own clothes like this a bit unreserved?


Forget it, this wasn’t any random person. This was Xu Xinduo. How many times had Xu Xinduo been in his body to shower? How many times had she already seen his privates? What was he being so unreasonable for?


While applying medicine on Tong Yang, Xu Xinduo finally understood Lou Xu’s opinion.


Looking at handsome guys really would make her feel happy.


At least, she felt pretty happy seeing Tong Yan’s body like this.


Tong Yan decided to contact Deyu. Deyu would continue to drive for Xu Xinduo. She would still be working as a driver on weekdays as before. More importantly, she could also run some errands for Xu Xinduo. For example, if she wanted to buy something, she could get Deyu to buy it for her.


Or, if there was some business that didn’t require Xu Xinduo to appear in person, Deyu could go in her place. Though she was a driver, she could also be considered a personal assistant.


The next day Deyu came to pick Xu Xinduo. She didn’t fully trust Deyu right now, so she didn’t tell her what floor her apartment was on. Deyu didn’t ask either and just sighed casually when she saw all the pretty good looking cars nearby.


She even talked with Xu Xinduo about cars, such as what the difference between a Porsche 911 and Cayenne was, how these two cars were configured, etc. the entire way to school.

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