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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 129

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

Xu Xinduo entered the exam room and placed a cup of milk tea on Yin Shaoshu’s desk.


Yin Shaoshu was sitting in the examination room in a bad mood. When he saw the milk tea, he became astonished and asked Xu Xinduo while pointing at it, “What’s the meaning of this?”


“I’m sorry. I blamed you wrongly before.”


“Huh? Do you think I’m someone who drinks milk tea?”


Xu Xinduo didn’t care. She took out the ointment from her bag and threw it to Yin Shaoshu. She said, “Use this ointment on the wound, it’s really effective.”


Yin Shaoshu took the ointment and looked at it. Then, he asked, “It’s suggested retail price is 3.8 yuan?”


“This ointment is very effective!”


Yin Shaoshu unscrewed the lid and took a look. “And there’s only f̲*̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ half left?”


“Why are you so picky?” Xu Xinduo became unhappy.


Yin Shaoshu first looked at Xu Xinduo and then looked at the medicine again. After some hesitation, he spread some ointment where the bruise was on his hand.  


He didn’t apply any more after that and just carelessly placed it in his pocket.


After the exam started, Yin Shaoshu only managed to resist for 20 minutes before plugging in a straw and drinking the milk tea. No long after he finished the whole cup.


His fingers were a bit swollen, so it wasn’t easy for him to write. All he’d written today was his name.


It seemed that this ointment really was effective. During the second half of the exam, he lifted up his clothes and started to apply the ointment onto his body.


Xu Xinduo finished her exam and was currently checking her answers. When she flipped over her paper, she noticed movement from the people around her. She turned her head to take a look and just happened to see Yin Shaoshu’s abs.


This brat was pretty impressive.


Xu Xinduo remembered Tong Yan’s figure last night again. That was really pleasing to the eye. She couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth as she continued to check her answers.


After she finished her exam, Xu Xinduo sat quietly for a while.


Everyone needed to stay in the exam room the whole time. The paper could be turned in only when time was up.


After time was up, she handed in the papers immediately. Then, she took her phone and left the exam room. While she was bored into a daze while standing by the railings, Yin Shaoshu walked out and stood beside her, falling into a daze as well.


Xu Xinduo looked at Yin Shaoshu and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Yin Shaoshu propped his arms against the railing and leaned over it. “I didn’t want to stay in the classroom.”


“Then you can go somewhere else.”


“My body hurts. I don’t want to walk any more,” said Yin Shaoshu. Then, he gave his meal card to Xu Xinduo. “Help me buy a cup of milk tea. The flavor from just now is fine.”


Xu Xinduo felt a little guilty towards Yin Shaoshu, so after pondering it over, she still went to buy it for him.


While waiting in line at the milk tea shop, she actually met Mu Qingyao and Lu Renjia.


Xu Xinduo ignored them and continued to wait. Then, Lou Xu rushed over wildly, still asking, “Duoduo! How did you do on the exam!”


“Pretty good.”


Mu Qingyao was unexpectedly still able to chat with Xu Xinduo. She asked softly, “Did you also take our exam?”


Xu Xinduo answered perfunctorily, “Yeah.”


Lu Renjia had been ridiculed for the past few days because of Xu Xinduo and lost face, so now she was extremely bitter. She couldn’t help but mumble ‘unknowingly’, “How well can someone like her do? Haven’t you seen her test results before?”


Lou Xu stuck out her tongue at Lu Renjia. “Did you choose option A for every question? Don’t you like A the most?”


Because Lu Renjia liked to choose option A for any question she didn’t know, people gave her the nickname of ‘Sister A’. Lou Xu was taunting her on purpose.


Lu Renjia immediately became furious.

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