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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 130

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

When Xu Xinduo swiped her card at the check out, she saw the balance and was shocked.


Lou Xu saw the balance and asked Xu Xinduo, “Is this Tong Yan’s card?”


Who would charge their meal card with hundreds of thousands of yuan for no reason? Were they crazy?


“Yin Shaoshu’s.” After Xu Xinduo answered, she swiped her own card to buy her own oolong tea. Her card only had a little more than four hundred yuan.


Lou Xu felt extremely baffled. “Weren’t you on bad terms with Yin Shaoshu yesterday?”


“I apologized,” sighed Xu Xinduo. Then, she pointed towards the exam room and said, “My exam room is pretty far, so I’ll leave first.”


“Okay, bye-bye,” Lou Xu bid farewell to Xu Xinduo.


After the two-day exam was over, Xu Xinduo started the career of swiping cards.


All the school’s hobby classes had competitions. If they won, there would be awards. If they wanted to participate in the competition, they would have to participate in at least one of the classes before.


The hobby class would be assigned after the students joined the class and used their student card or downloaded a mobile app. The fee was charged based on the lessons, and the price of each course was different. It mainly depended on the class’s cost and the invited teacher’s level, etc.


Because of that, Xu Xinduo needed to calculate the required costs first, before looking at the suitability of the prize. She would not participate if she didn’t have the confidence of clinching the prize.


The most outrageous time was when she had to swipe her card to enter the classroom, skipping class 10 minutes later, before swiping her card for another subject, all for the sake to obtain the qualifications to participate in the competition.




Truly extravagant!


Pure consumption, without attending class. This was simply hell for the hardworking and thrifty Xu Xinduo. The tears were silently flowing down within her heart as she waited within the classroom for the 2nd hobby class.


Hundreds of dollars for a single class…


This hectic lifestyle continued for 2 days, before the results for the ordinary class were released.


The school had an app where it would announce the results through.


Without a doubt, it was a form of public humiliation for students who didn’t do so well in their studies.


Other than showing the top 50 students, the results announcement rankings would also include the rankings of each class. Generally speaking, all of the top 50 students for every academic year were students from the rocket class, as the rocket class only had 50 slots, which coincided with the top 50 rankings.


If someone obtained the 51st place ranking, they would immediately be expelled from the accelerated class, replaced by the top 50 newcomer.


It was undoubtedly an honour to get promoted from Jia Hua International School’s normal class to the rocket class. After all, only students who studied hard and obtained good results were able to get promoted.


There was a change in the names of the bottom few places of the top 50 ranks, showing that the members of the rocket class weren’t so stable.


Nevertheless, in the whole picture, there wasn’t too much of a change. 


However, this time, something unexpected had happened.


At that moment, within the rocket class, a lot of people were browsing the results announcements for the rankings after being mutually reminded by others: “It’s out!”


“It’s posted!! Let me see how many points I got this time.”


“What’s the situation?”


“Are you joking?”


“This kind of situation hasn’t happened for the past 3 years! I thought that Chai Meicen and Zhang Rucheng from 3 years ago was just a rumour!”


Generally speaking, Mu Qingyi didn’t care about the results. This was also the case this time, as he was continuing to pay attention towards reading the book he had in his hand.


Lying on his desk, Shao Qinghe held his smart phone as he opened up the school’s app to view the results announcement.  When he went to the highschool 2nd year section, as opened up the rankings, he suddenly burst out into soft laughter.


Being a warm and gentle person, warmth started to seep out from him as his smile extended towards the corners of his mouth.


Shooting him a look over, Mu Qingyi felt baffled by the latter’s reaction, though he didn’t voice it out.


Shao Qinghe showed the rankings to Mu Qingyi: “Take a look at who’s ranked first.”

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