The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 131

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Extending his hand out to take the phone, Mu Qingyi tapped on the image to zoom into the rankings.


Ordinary class scoring max 750 points.


First place: Xu Xinduo [International Class 4-734 points]


2nd place: Mu Qingyi [2nd year Rocket Class-728 points]


3rd place: Shao Qinghe [2nd year Rocket Class-716 points]


17th place: Mu Qingyao [2nd year Rocket Class-684 points]


35th place: Lou Xu [2nd year Rocket Class-635 points]


47th place: Li Xinning [2nd year Rocket Class-591 points]


Continuing to lie calmly on his desk, Shao Qinghe spoke out in a gentle tone, “Looks like our little sis Duoduo really knows how to surprise people.”


Mu Qingyi: “…”


Shao Qinghe gave My Qingyi’s shoulder a pat: “I feel that little sis Duoduo scored a little better than you in terms of order and neatness. Her words are extremely aesthetically pleasing, so I presume that our language teachers really like it. Your words are not bad, but you link your words too much. You’re suited to be a medical student.”


Just as Mu Qingyi was taking a look at the results announcement, a quarrel suddenly erupted on the other side of the classroom. 


The questions on the test were extremely hard, with even the rocket class being forced to the point of extreme desperation by them. Originally, they felt that they didn’t answer the questions well enough, which also implied that the other classes would fare even worse than them.


Naturally, they were still feeling nervous and worried about their results.


With the results finally being out, the segmentation of points by class had indeed appeared, with the disparity being massive, which was inconsistent with the previous results. Everyone knew that the range of results for the rocket class during the previous exams were always very tight.


However, the real reason behind the quarrel was due to Lu Renjia ranking out of the top 50, resulting in her being expelled from the accelerated class and being sent to the ordinary class.


The rule of the accelerated class stated that it only took in the top 50 students in the rankings. With Xu Xinduo taking a place within, this resulted in only 49 students within the current rocket class being allowed to enter the next rocket class.


Indeed, due to her being distracted, Lu Renjia was unable to meet the rocket class’s requirements. In fact, she was only able to obtain 5th place within the ordinary class 1’s rankings.


After the results were announced, some people had started their ridicule, “What’s the matter, Big sis A? Didn’t you say that Xu Xinduo’s results wouldn’t be good? Why are you unable to even score more points than the bottom ranking student in the supplementary class?”


“What’s more, weren’t you part of the group of people, who came together to say that Xu Xinduo’s results wouldn’t be good, as she coming from a rural village area.”


“There’s even some people that were worried that Tong Yan would be misguided by Xu Xinduo. Now, even Yiyi didn’t manage to get a better score than her, so who has the qualifications to judge her…”


Bursting with fury, Lu Renjia immediately argued back: “Shut your mouth, even you had no right to talk! Her results from the supplementary class were bad.”


Some people took off their handphones and asked: “So does this show that she can’t make it?”


Lu Renjia could not muster a response.


“You got driven out of our rocket class by the person whom you were targeting. Sigh…”


Driven completely furious by those words, Lu Renjia immediately lunged forward to grab the girl’s hair, before long it turned into a fight.


Lou Xu was a person who only wanted to rank within the top 50 to be able to remain in the rocket class to fulfill her desire, which was to continue admiring the flourishing beauty of Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe.

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