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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 132

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At that moment Lou Xu looked over towards Li Xinning, who had burst into tears while laying on her desk after seeing the ranking, muttering about how she had never obtained such a low score before.


(T/N: Li Xinning is Mu Qingyao’s formal friend who went to the theater with Mu Qingyao’s boyfriend.)


Lou Xu was very happy that she had obtained a middle ranking among the top 50. Although it was only middle ranking, it was still a very stable one!


She stealthily turned on the video camera function of her smartphone, recording Lu Renjia’s fight as well as Li Xinning’s tear-stricken appearance.


She proceeded to quietly record Shao Qinghe and Mu Qingyi, who were quietly having a conversation with each other, she also conveniently added in a shot of the dejected Mu Qingyao. Only after doing so did she send the video to Xu Xinduo. 


Xu Xinduo quickly replied: So it’s that lively in the rocket class?


Lou Xu: Lu Renjia has been expelled from the rocket class, so that’s why she’s going ballistic right now.


Xu Xinduo : Why?


Lou Xu proceeded to explain to her about the rocket class’ rules, shocking Xu Xinduo to reply in a straightforward manner: “Is there school fee subsidisation for the rocket class? Maybe a total subsidisation of school fees for getting in the top 10? Or maybe free hobby classes?”


Lou Xu was extremely surprised by her friend’s response, as Xu Xinduo had always been a rather cold and indifferent person, so it was rare to hear such an excited tone coming from her. Nevertheless, she proceeded to patiently reply to her questions: “It’s free! Totally free! As long as you can maintain a top 10 placing for a semester and study in rocket class, all of your school fees will be waived!”


Xu Xinduo: [Nice.gif]


Not far away from her, Lu Renjia was still engaged in her fight. Normally Mu Qingyao would try to break up the fights that Lu Renjia got into as they were pretty good friends. Nevertheless, this time she decided to do nothing.


Recently, even Mu Qingyao had felt that Lu Renjia had been getting slightly shameful, even making her feel ashamed just by being together with Lu Renjia.


Now that Lu Renjia just happened to get expelled from the rocket class, it was perfect timing for her not to be friends with her anymore.


On top of that, Mu Qingyao was unable to calm down after looking at the ranking even after a very long time.


She thought that Xu Xinduo would definitely have a small petty minded personality and have next to no knowledge because of coming from a rural village area. Her words and actions that she had shown so far gave everyone the impression that her exam result would be bad.


However, from the looks of it now, despite hailing from a rural village area, Xu Xinduo was still sufficiently outstanding.


Since the Mu Family’s genes had resulted in someone like Mu Qingyi, how could Xu Xinduo be any less?


She was unable to relax even though Xu Xinduo had clearly been forced out of the Mu family.


She just felt like a gigantic phantom standing right behind her, trying to extend its claws and lunge towards her at any moment.


Within the international class.


Right after class ended, everyone heard Tong Yan shouting at the back of Xu Xinduo: “Stop!”


Turning around, Xu Xinduo shot a look at Tong Yan, before waving her hand “I’ve decided to go to rocket class!”


Finishing her reply, she continued to walk out of the classroom.


Tong Yan immediately chased after her. Grabbing hold of her wrist, he asked: “Why do you want to go to the rocket class? Don’t you feel revolted by that disgusting pair of brother and sister over there? Why do you have to leave a comfortable place and head into that hornet’s nest?”


“I’ll only be with them during class hours, and everyone will separate when class ends.”

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