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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 133

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“The atmosphere in that class isn’t suitable for you!”


“But my school fees will be waived!”


“I won’t be able to protect you in that class.”


“I don’t need your protection, okay! Do I even need to pay any attention to the provocations from that bunch of little tyrants anyway?”


Tong Yan wasn’t happy!


His little peony was actually transfering into the rocket class, all because of the waived school fees.


He was angry because he felt that she would always treat money with higher importance than him.


There was a higher school fee for Jia Hua International School’s international class compared to that of the ordinary class. After all, the international class was taught by foreign teachers, who were paid higher salaries than local teachers. 


Coupled with the frequent movie screenings, as well as the opportunity for foreign exchanges and the facility costs, the school fees would reach an extremely high price.


So the privileges granted to the top 10 places of the rocket class were too amazing. Xu Xinduo only realised now that Mu Qingyi was completely subsidised during his earlier stint as an exchange student, which included food and accommodation costs. How great!


Clearly, the lure of complete school fees subsidisation was too great for her. 


Xu Xinduo could not help but feel excited upon hearing the complete school fees subsidisation granted to the top 10 places, to the point of being unable to sit still during class, requiring Tong Yan to force her back down.


Right after the end of class, Xu Xinduo was prepared to find her teacher to ask for the transfer. She wanted to enter the rocket class right away. She didn’t want to pay school fees and wanted to contribute towards raising Jia Hao International School’s graduation statistics!


Feeling unhappy, Tong Yan held onto Xu Xinduo’s arm, not letting her leave.


Being especially confused by him, Xu Xinduo asked: “Why are you doing this?!”


“I’ll pay your school fees!”


“You should save your money whenever possible. The class won’t be that hard for me.” Xu Xinduo sounded extremely confident with her reply. Over the past few years, she had already been studying the ordinary class’ curriculum along with the international class’ curriculum. She had even obtained 1st place in both classes.


To her, since these curricula were both extremely simple, she definitely needed to go to the place with free school fees!


Quite a few students along the walkway were now tuning in to the drama happening between Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan.


Quite a few people had seen the results announcement via the app. There were even a few posts popping up about it in the forum but they were not popular at all as everyone wasn’t too enthusiastic about this kind of face-slapping matter. They had seen too many face-slapping incidents before so it didn’t affect them anymore. Only something like Xu Xinduo not obtaining a good rank would increase the liveliness of this matter.


At that moment, Xu Xinduo started to walk along the walkway, but Tong Yan continuously tried to prevent her from leaving. This sparked the curiosity of everyone around them, resulting in them pretending to be nonchalant as they observed from the sidelines.


“But I won’t be in the rocket class!” said Tong Yan.


Xu Xinduo still didn’t understand him. She felt that he was obstructing her road to obtain more money, she proceeded to drag him along while giving her reply: “But we will still be in the same school.”


Tong Yan tried to pull Xu Xinduo back, but instead he was being dragged across the floor by her: “You can’t!”




“I…really want to sit at the same desk as you! I’ll not leave you, and you’re not allowed to leave me!”



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