The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 134

Edited By Adrian

Xu Xinduo stopped and looked at Tong Yan helplessly.


She was not afraid of being blocked by thousands of troops, but the fact that Tong Yan suddenly acted like a spoiled baby, broke her.


Damn it! He’s too cute. She couldn’t refuse him.


The onlookers also couldn’t take it anymore.


Among the onlookers were several of Tong Yan’s fans, who were instantly heart-broken.


After the arrival of Xu Xindou at the school, Tong Yan’s character that they had built up in their mind collapsed daily.


The rumor going around the school was that Wei Lan was chasing Xu Xinduo, not Tong Yan. If that was true, how can they explain the current situation?


Tong Yan stole Xu Xindou away from the Mu birthday party, it could’ve been seen that he did it deliberately to cause a disturbance. Even assisting Xu Xindou with her assignments could be described as unity and friendship amongst fellow students. As soon as Xu Xindou asked him to do something, he would follow through. It could also be regarded as unity and cooperation.


However, what about when Tong Yan fought for Xu Xinduo? It could only be considered as a hero protecting his princess.


I can’t take it anymore. Just let her go, Tong Yan. You are no longer the Tong Yan, we remember!!!!.


He was not elevated and cold anymore. He was no longer adventurous. He wasn’t even eminent and unapproachable.


In other words, he got too close to Xu Xinduo!


Isn’t Mu Qingyi handsome? Isn’t Shao Qing sweet? They were pretty much at the same level of attractiveness, so there is no need for her to pay attention to Tong Yan at all…


When Tong Yan noticed that Xu Xinduo had stopped, he walked over to her, took hold of her wrist, and dragged her back to International Class 4. Then he made Xu Xinduo sit in her chair and moved his chair closer to block Xu Xinduo’s way out. He tried to reason with her: “We are about to become adults and we should take responsibility for our actions. Do you know what is the consequence of you changing classes?”


“What is it?”


“The consequence is that your Brother Yan will be completely unhappy!”




“How much will you save when you go to the rocket class?”


“Quite a lot.”


“If you go to the rocket class and hurted me, I will cut off your allowance. How much would you lose then?”


“…” A lot.


Tong Yan tapped the table as he asked Xu Xinduo, “Do you still want to go to the Rockets class?”


Xu Xinduo asked: “Then can you bear to watch me go to the public venue like a game competition?”


“Would you avoid participating in the competition even if you shifted to the Rocket class?”


“I… can’t avoid it. I would still need to participate for the credits. “


“Then you should stay here.”


Xu Xinduo only realized what it meant to be short-mouthed and short-handed.


(T/L: It means when you accept anything from someone it becomes hard to refuse them.)


When your life relies on someone else’s charity, it would only create a dependency in the relationship.


She slumped down on the desktop, muttering softly: “Ah…Master Duo is not happy anymore…”


Tong Yan followed suit and also lay down on the table. He said, “Then let’s be unhappy together.”


They were facing each other as they laid down on the table.


Xu Xinduo rolled her eyes at Tong Yan, but Tong Yan just smiled. Corners of his eyes curled up.


In the afternoon, there was a ping pong competition.


Xu Xinduo had quickly gone to the class before, but decided to skip most of the class and went straight to participate in the competition today.

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