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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 135

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Tong Yan, Wei Lan, and Su Wei were all called to the Office of Academic Affairs again, they were forced to write an apology letter. Only when they had finished could they go to watch the competition that Xu Xinduo was participating in.


Unexpectedly on their way out of the office, they saw Xu Xinduo run by them still in her sweater and school uniform.


Tong Yan was completely surprised. He immediately ran after her and asked: “What’s the matter? Are you in trouble again?!”


Wei Lan and Su Wei didn’t know what was going on, but they also began running after them like crazy dogs chasing a squirrel. As they were running, they discovered Lou Xu was following behind them while holding a camera.


Xu Xinduo turned around to answer as she ran: “The tennis match is starting in three minutes!!!”


Tong Yan was on the verge of blowing his top, “Why is your schedule so packed!”


“Because I’m poor!” Xu Xinduo answered in a self-confident tone.


The ping pong game was held in the indoor gymnasium. After it was over, Xu Xinduo had to hurry to the next competition venue for her tennis matches which was being held on the outdoor tennis court.


Xu Xinduo ran to the teacher immediately to register and then followed the other players to draw lots.


Tong Yan and the others ran to the edge of the field. Anyone who came to watch the competition had to stay outside of the fence. They stood together, breathing heavily.


Lou Xu’s endurance was not as good as boys. She collapsed against the fence and whistled.


Wei Lan looked at her and asked, “What are you doing?”


Lou Xu held up her camera as she replied, “I heard that Duoduo was going to participate in some competitions today so I brought my camera to take pictures.”


Tong Yan looked at Lou Xu and asked, “Did you watch her previous games? How did she perform?”


Lou Xu got visibly excited before saying: “She performed like a demon, crushing all her opponents. I even felt sympathy for them. This is simply like an Olympic champion going around bullying kids who play ping pong in their local park. Every move she made was performed smoothly. There is no suspense at all during the matches, she easily won the prize money of 3,000 RMB.”


Wei Lan suddenly felt a little regretful: “It’s a pity that I didn’t see our Duoduo bullying the children.”


Lou Xu finally caught her breath. She looked at the court and asked, “Duoduo ran here right after she finished the previous competition. She wouldn’t be too physically exhausted, right?”


Tong Yan was also a little worried. This competition was held outdoors. In this cold weather, Xu Xindou couldn’t even wear shorts since she would catch a cold. She had to wear a pair of long trousers and a sportswear jacket, which was an additional burden.


Moreover, she had also participated in the ping pong competition just a little while ago, which would have caused her to exert a lot of physical strength. It was very detrimental to her subsequent matches.


Xu Xinduo was really working herself too hard.


At that moment, Xu Xinduo showed them her number: “I will be playing in the next match.”


The male’s competition was already over when Xu Xinduo arrived and her competition was about to begin.


Tong Yan looked at Xu Xinduo and said with a frown, “If you are too tired, just coast along as much as you can. Anyway, it’s fine as long as you get into the top 5.”


How arrogant was it to say, “Anyway, it’s fine as long as you get into the top 5?”


However, if they knew how skilled Xu Xinduo was, they wouldn’t find it strange or arrogant at all.


Xu Xindou casually grabbed a racket and used its handle to poke Tong Yan through a gap in the fence, asking: “When did your Master Duo take 5th place?”


Tong Yan sighed helplessly as he dodged it, “Don’t tire yourself too much.”


“I know.”

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