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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 136

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Many of the Jiahua International School’s policies were in line with international standards.


For example, tennis was given relatively high importance in foreign countries so the school had also attached great importance to tennis. Nowadays, the attention given to it had far exceeded that given to football and basketball.


The school’s outdoor tennis court was a clay based court, similar to one used in the French Open.


Xu Xinduo had a great understanding of tennis so she knew what kind of influence the type of court would have on the match.


The court within the school was very ground which was paved with materials such as asphalt cement and coated with a plastic layer. A hard court would make the ball bounce faster and more regularly.


The surface of a clay court was rough, not as flat as a hard court, resulting in greater friction between the ball and the ground. It made the ball speed slower.


In addition when playing on a clay court, there was a lot of sliding space for quick stops and turns, which incidentally made it possible to do well in a clay court if one had excellent physical strength.


However, Xu Xinduo’s physical strength was not too good right now.


If it was an indoor venue, Xu Xinduo could have changed her clothes and made herself more physically comfortable.


Moreover, Xu Xinduo was used to playing on hard courts.


This competition was undoubtedly unfavorable for her.


However, Xu Xinduo had no choice but to fight because of the bonus points.


Yin Shaoshu had just finished the men’s tennis competition. He was still holding a tennis racket and wearing a sportswear jacket, when he walked over to the fence and looked inside. Tong Yan and others were only about five meters away from him.


Tong Yan turned his head and looked at Yin Shaoshu. The atmosphere around them dropped to freezing point.


Just at that moment, Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe also came over together. They stood not far away waiting for the match to start, causing Tong Yan to roll his eyes.


The tournament had attracted the attention of a lot of people.


Some people came to watch the match.


While some others came to just watch…. humans.


Lou Xu took out her camera, wanting to take a photo of these handsome boys.


When the first round of the competition was about to start, Xu Xinduo was still choosing a racket. She felt that the racket she had casually picked before was not suitable for her. The rackets provided by the schools were used by everyone. They were old and not in good condition. Some of the sweat bands were loose.


Most players who regularly played at school venues brought their own rackets along with them. They were in a lot better shape and comfortable to use.


Earlier when Xu Xinduo casually picked a racket, it made Yin Shaoshu twitch his mouth because it seemed like she was trying to make up the numbers.


The choice of racket mainly depended upon its surface, handle, weight and length.


Players who had played tennis for a long time would be accustomed to a particular type of racket. For example, a large racket would not easily miss the target, but it would adversely affect the speed.


If the racket handle was too thin to grasp firmly, the racket would easily be knocked out of her hand the moment she tried to hit back her opponent hard serve.


Xu Xinduo picked up a racket and weighed it for a while, then went to look at the surface of the racket. Suddenly, she heard Yin Shaoshu say: “You should choose a light racket as it will be easier to handle.”


Xu Xinduo picked up a racket and weighted it. She replied as she shook her head: “I will get a Tennis Elbow with a light head racket.”


(T/L: Tennis Elbow is a type of illness. You can read about it Here.)


After Xu Xinduo turned around and looked at the fence, she couldn’t help but feel surprised when she saw the people who came to watch the tournament.


Why are there so many people here?

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