The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 137

Edited By Adrian

Jiahua international school was quite famous for tennis. It often participated in national and even international competitions. There were a lot of people in the school who liked watching tennis. However, when Xu Xinduo arrived here just now, she noticed that most people were leaving. After all, some people just wanted to watch the men’s competition. So when the men’s competition was over, they naturally left.


Why are there so many people here so suddenly? Even if it is time for hobby classes and some people choose not to attend them, the number of people is unreasonable.


Then she saw Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe were watching as well.


Mu Qingyi pursed his lips. He still had his usual arrogant and untouchable appearance. Only Shao Qinghe waved at her with a smile on his face.


Xu Xinduo nodded at Shao Qinghe and then stood aside to watch the current match, while doing warm-up exercises and waiting for her match.


When it was Xu Xinduo’ match, she walked out on the court, Yin Shaoshu tilted his head slightly when he saw the way Xu Xinduo was holding her racket, which was an Eastern Grip. This method was most suitable for beginners.


(T/N: You can read about Eastern Grip Here.)


For example, the way he usually held the racket was the Semi-western Grip, which was convenient for exerting strength and helped to increase the rotation of the racket.


Whereas Eastern Grip was the most commonly used method of holding a racket for beginners. For this reason, Yin Shaoshu felt that there were 80% chances that Xu Xinduo was a newbie. He didn’t plan to watch Xu Xinduo lose, so he left.


Because of her situation, Xu Xinduo changed her usual playstyle. Her habitual style was ruthless and ferocious.


This time she knew that she was physically exhausted from the previous competition, so she changed her strategy.


Regarding opening part of the match, Xu Xinduo’s strategy was overwhelmly take control of the ball and limit her opponent’s movements, so that she wear her opponent, so they could not pose a threat later in the game.


First she would cause her opponent to change positions by pulling the ball just out of their reach and continue to lightly hit the ball back in the direction. 


However her opponent soon discovered that Xu Xinduo was careful when she played. She noticed that Xu Xinduo’s strength varied greatly when she hit back.


If she applied too much strength in counterattack, it would be similar to conceding points for nothing. However, if she applied very little strength then there were high chances of losing points.


While playing, Xu Xinduo even tried tricking her opponent by her expression and her hand movements, leaving her opponents unsure how she was going to hit the ball.


Yin Shaoshu, who was originally planning on leaving, decided to stay and watch the match for a little while. At the beginning, he decided to stay, because he didn’t want to attend his hobby classes. But later on, he couldn’t help but exclaim with a sigh: “Her angle of serving the ball is very difficult to deal with. She is directly aiming for the sideline. She has real skill.”


He praised Xu Xinduo.


He belonged to the school tennis team and knew the skill level of the students in the school, so he had no interest in watching other people’s games.


It was very rare for him to praise anyone’s skills.


Xu Xinduo had a very good grasp of power, and was a smart player. She would stare at the opponent and then hit the ball in the opposite direction that they would predict. Xu Xinduo would score, before the opponent even got the chance to turn around. 


Her observation and skills were a lot stronger than those of her opponent, leading to a crushing defeat of her opponent in the later rounds.


It was a three set match so Xu Xinduo had won the game after winning two sets in a row.

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