The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 14

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Larkspur & Sasha

Lou Xu felt her heart was beating faster.


She liked seeing good-looking people a bit too much. Whenever she saw such people, she would feel excited. Before today, she thought that this make-up class was already a paradise on earth with Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe here.


At school, Mu Qingyi was very popular. Shao Qinghe was also a popular figure among girls.


When they gathered for this makeup lessons, it would feel like a luxurious camp. It was a pleasure to have classes with them.


Now, there was another beautiful woman in the classroom. Lou Xu was very excited, especially when she spoke to her actively and cared about her!


‘It doesn’t have to be that way. You are very beautiful. Just ignore me!!!’


Lou Xu was so happy that she was about to get up and jump around from excitement. She hurriedly used her mobile phone to send messages to her friends.


 I saw a beauty! I dare not breathe loudly!




Shao Qinghe leaned back as he listened to the lecture. He could see Xu Xinduo sitting opposite him.


He looked at Xu Xinduo’s appearance and then thought about Mu Qingyao. Finally, he turned to look at Mu Qingyao and couldn’t help but curl up his mouth.


This family was really interesting.


He saw that a paper was placed next to his seat. He reached for it and found that it was Xu Xinduo’s answer sheet.


Xu Xinduo’s handwriting was very neat. It seemed that she had especially practiced her handwriting. He looked at Xu Xinduo’s answers and then raised his eyebrows. There was a bit of playfulness in his eyes.


Xu Xinduo did not answer many questions. However, as long as she had attempted any, they were all correct. Moreover, she seemed to have calculated the scores specifically. As long as she had achieved a passing score in a subject, she would not answer any more questions. Therefore, she had only achieved a passing score.


If she had answered all the questions, she may not get them wrong, right?


Why not answer then?


He held his chin and thought a little more. He felt that the Mu family might have had an interesting situation recently. He folded Xu Xinduo’s answer sheet and made a paper plane from it. In the end, he threw it into the trash can in the classroom.


Let’s hide this ‘adopted daughter’.


After class, Xu Xinduo was called to the office.


The tutoring institution had its own process which needed to be introduced to Xu Xinduo. There were also some books and test papers that Xu Xinduo needed to receive.


Other students in the classroom would stay here for lunch, but it hadn’t been delivered yet.


Shen Zhuhang couldn’t help complaining when he saw Xu Xinduo leave. “Why is this country bumpkin following us everywhere?”


Mu Qingyao sighed and apologized. “I’m sorry. It was all caused by me. It’s troubling you now.”


“I don’t know what your parents were thinking. Taking in an adopted daughter who makes you suffer so many grievances. Besides, this adopted daughter always bothers me.”


There were other students in the classroom. When they heard this, they looked up at them and asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”


The one who asked the question was Lu Renjia, a good friend of Mu Qingyao’s. Both of them were students of the fast track class of Joshua International School. The two of them also lived near each other and usually took makeup lessons together. Their relationship was very good.


She recently heard that Mus had taken in an adopted daughter. When she saw that Mu Qingyao was in a bad mood, she’d dared not ask anymore. Today, when she saw Mu Qingyao and Shen Zhuhang talking, she asked curiously.


Shen Zhuhang said with a sneer, “This adopted girl heard that Yaoyao had a fiancé. She hasn’t even seen me before but wants to snatch me. First, she transferred to Class Four for me. Teachers in English classes are not necessarily more professional. With her foundation, she even dared to go to an international school. That’s all right. Now she even followed me to the makeup class.”


“My God…” Lu Renjia couldn’t help exclaiming, “Isn’t that too much?”


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