The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 15

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Larkspur & Sasha

Shen Zhuhang was visibly disgusted. He tapped his fingers on the table and said irritably, “I have definitely rejected her. She still pretends to be stupid and clings to me. I don’t know if she has read too many novels. She thinks acting stupid can attract people’s attention. I just feel disgusted, OK?”


Zhen Longtao, another boy in the classroom, couldn’t help admiring. “Brother Zhuhang is so handsome. Even beautiful girls chase after you.”


His eyes were straight before Xu Xinduo entered the classroom. When Xu Xinduo entered the classroom, his eyes widened.


Shen Zhuhang immediately retorted. “It’s very annoying, OK?”


Shao Qinghe who was reading a book suddenly said, “How did she come to know about this tuition class?”


Shao Qinghe had always been a gentle young man. When he spoke, his tone was neither slow nor fast. He spoke softly.


Mu Qingyao said in a low voice, “Dad helped her sign up.”


Shao Qinghe nodded and then said, “So it was your father who signed her for the classes. She didn’t take the initiative?”


Mu Qingyao didn’t answer.


Shao Qinghe turned around and looked at Mu Qingyao for a while. She finally acquiesced. Then he said to Shen Zhuhang, “In this case, you don’t need to worry. She didn’t come here for you.”


When Shen Zhuhang heard this, he felt a little embarrassed but he still said, “I came to this tuition class just to accompany Yaoyao. Since she has taken the International Class, what is she doing here?”


Shao Qinghe thought Shen Zhuhang was right so he asked Mu Qingyao, “What did your father think when he signed her up?”


Mu Qingyao didn’t want to answer because it would make Shen Zhuhang embarrassed. She was now very anxious to make everyone hate Xu Xinduo so she could only answer euphemistically. 


“She always fights with me. She wants whatever I have.”


In fact, Mu Qingyao’s thinking process was very simple. She felt that Xu Xinduo’s arrival was a kind of threat which made her feel uneasy. What she was most afraid of was that Xu Xinduo would snatch Shen Zhuhang. She liked Shen Zhuhang very much and he was also good to her. She couldn’t give up. Thus, she tried to make Shen Zhuhang hate Xu Xinduo. The more Xu Xinduo was hated, the safer she was.


What’s more, she didn’t want to be defeated by Xu Xinduo. She wanted to prove herself urgently. Time after time of careful thinking, she wanted to let her parents know that she was better than Xu Xinduo. The children who grew up in a powerful family were incomparable to those who grew up in a village like Xu Xinduo.


‘Isn’t it better to raise me alone?’


It’s all about uneasiness and resentment. Everything came from the anxiety and anger in her heart.


Lu Renjia couldn’t help asking, “What qualifications does she have to fight for? She’s just an adopted daughter. How many days has she been home? I don’t think she’s a fool.”


Zhen Longtao also asked, “Is she so eager to find a boyfriend? As long as he has money, she will definitely pursue him?”


Lu Renjia then said, “Sure, she is an adopted daughter. However, how can she do such things without any shame? Just give some money to such girls, and they will do anything for you. There is no dignity at all.”


Lou Xu looked at them and couldn’t help frowning. She felt very disgusted. She didn’t know the specifics but she just felt that Xu Xinduo was beautiful. She left a good impression on her. She had been peeping at Xu Xinduo. Xu Xinduo didn’t pay attention to Shen Zhuhang during the whole class. 


How could Shen Zhuhang say those words?


‘They are so shameless.’




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