The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 16

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Larkspur & Sasha

At this time, Xu Xinduo came back to the class and sat down in her seat. She was still holding her mobile phone to answer Tang Yan’s message.

Tong Yan: What’s the password for opening your mobile phone’s screen lock?

Xu Xinduo: I’ve changed it to six ones. I haven’t had time to tell you.

At this time, Zhen Longtao suddenly took the initiative to talk to Xu Xinduo: “Hey, Xu Xinduo, right? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Xu Xinduo did not lift her gaze and asked coldly, “What’s the matter?”

Zhen Longtao smiled and asked, “Do you want to be my girlfriend? My family is rich. I can buy you branded bags every month. What do you think?”

After Zhen Longtao’s probing, the others seemed to be waiting for Xu Xinduo to make a joke of herself.

Was this country bumpkin going to be flattered? Probably…

Unexpectedly, Xu Xinduo gave Zhen Longtao a disgusted look and clicked her tongue. With that, she completely ignored Zhen Longtao.

In Xu Xinduo’s opinion, she would live in the Mu house just for a while and the Mu parents would pay little attention to her. Moreover, she was too lazy to engage in kinship with them. After all, they had no feelings for each other at all.

She was actually too lazy to care about the people sitting in this classroom. ‘Who the f**k are you? Who do you think you are?’

Meeting for the first time and asking this kind of question in such a tone, it would be nice if Xu Xinduo did not hit them.

Zhen Longtao looked puzzled as he asked, “Why? Where are you dissatisfied? My family is…”

He was about to introduce himself when he heard Xu Xinduo say, “No, I will not consider it.”

Zhen Longtao still did not give up and continued to ask, “What’s the matter? My family is as good as the Shen family. Or do you have any other ideas?”

Xu Xinduo didn’t answer. She pressed on the voice message sent by Tong Yan and his voice suddenly sounded from her mobile phone, “Are you convinced now?”

(T/N: That line is addressed to Zhen Longtao. It was to demonstrate that Xu Xinduo already has a boyfriend so don’t bother her. Xu Xinduo thanked him by message, not directly on call.)

She answered by typing: Thanks.

After answering, she saw that other people in the room were still looking at her. She felt a little annoyed. She got up and went out, trying to go near the window to breathe.

Lu Renjia who was sitting at a side in the classroom suddenly said, “The voice just now sounded like Brother Yan.”

Lu Renjia had been pursuing Tong Yan for a long time now. However, Tong Yan just ignored her but this did not decrease her liking for him. Just now, when Lu Renjia heard the voice message, her heart thumped.

Shen Zhuhang was the first to refute. “It’s impossible. The hillbilly just entered the city a few days ago. Brother Yan has been competing in the competitions abroad lately and has not come back. Moreover, how can his girlfriend be a hick?”

Then he suddenly sneered. “Let’s wait for Brother Yan to return and make her suffer. She actually dared to sit in Brother Yan’s seat without knowing that Brother Yan hates others approaching him.”

Lu Renjia was relieved.

Yes, how could Xu Xinduo know Tong Yan? Even Mu Qingyao didn’t get to say a few words to Tong Yan. How could Xu Xinduo be qualified?

Zhen Longtao was very upset. Why did the country bumpkin refuse him? Him willing to tease her by saying that was already considered as giving her face. If it wasn’t for her good looks, he wouldn’t even pay attention to her.

Zhen Longtao snorted coldly. “So she already has a boyfriend? It won’t be long before she dumps that kid to be my lap dog.”

Mu Qingyao pretended to be in a dilemma before she said, “Farewell.”

Shen Zhuhang was very interested. “OK, you cheer up now. Don’t let her bother me again. If you succeed, I’ll give you a motorcycle.”

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