The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 18

Edited By Larkspur and Sasha

After Xu Xinduo came in, someone took a picture of Xu Xinduo sitting at her desk reading a book. That world-weary face looked indifferent but one could not deny her beauty.


That person uploaded this photo and posted: Should the current school flowers of our school be reselected?


(T/N: “School Flower” means the prettiest girl in the school.)


Jiahua International School’s school flowers were very difficult to choose, mainly because the previous two school flowers were really brilliant. One was beautiful and alluring while the other was pure and innocent. They were unmatched beauties. No one doubted that they were school flowers. After those two graduated, Jiahua School’s school flower position remained empty for several years. No one had ever been called the school flower again.


Now, it could be brought up again.


1st  floor: I don’t think so. Mu Qingyi has always been a school grass. Everyone else is rubbish.


(T/N: “School Grass” means the most handsome boy in the school)


2nd floor: Why should she be a school flower? Doesn’t she resemble Mu Qingyi somewhat?


3rd floor: I’m not happy either. Go away! Annoying! Idiot!


4th floor: Haha… Let me feed on the picture first.




16th floor: Is it only me who finds it strange? I used to think that Mu Qingyi and Mu Qingyao were twins of different genders but there was no resemblance at all. When I saw Xu Xinduo, I suddenly sighed. These two are the true twins of different genders.


17th floor: I used to hate the sentence “Is it only me…”, but today, I agree.


18th floor: Indeed. We are not blind. As twins of different genders, Mu Qingyao and Mu Qingyi don’t resemble each other at all.


19th floor: Stop guessing, will you? It’s just because she bears resemblance to them that the Mus adopted her! Is she really adopted?


39th floor: Why are you scolding others again? Why don’t you use your head to think about it? Anyone with a little consciousness won’t say that their own daughter is adopted, OK? None of your guesses are logical.


40th floor: Didn’t you notice that Xu Xinduo was sitting on Brother Yan’s seat?


41st floor: Mentioning Brother Yan, you should delete the post.


42nd floor: Let’s go, let’s go. From the moment he mentioned Brother Yan, that post was gone.


After refreshing five minutes later, that post was really gone.


Then someone posted: Ah, who can send me a picture of Xu Xinduo? I have not saved it yet.


1st floor: What do you want to do with Xu Xinduo’s picture?


2nd floor: Single?


3rd floor: WTF haha…


A minute later, the post was gone.




Lou Xu came to the school early and wandered at the gate of International Class Four. She didn’t want to be noticed by Shen Zhuhang, but she wanted to ask Xu Xinduo to come out. She was very troubled.


When she saw Wei Lan, she immediately called out, “Hey! Small fence.”


Hearing that nickname, Wei Lan couldn’t ignore her anymore and finally walked over. He leaned against the wall, looked at her and asked impatiently, “What’s the matter? What can I do for you?”


Lou Xu would not ask Wei Lan if she had no other choice but to look for him.  She didn’t even want to look at his face. She looked at the wall instead and said, “Please call Xu Xinduo for me.”


“Do you know Duoduo, my bosom female friend?”


Lou Xu looked at Wei Lan in surprise. 


Her big eyes widened even more in shock as she asked, “Your girlfriend?”


“Sooner or later…”


Lou Xu immediately felt relieved. “Then it’s fine.”


Wei Lan felt that he had been looked down upon and said in an unconvinced manner, “Sooner or later, I will be her boyfriend.”


“Please call Xu Xinduo for me.” She pulled Wei Lan’s sleeve deliberately and said, “Be discreet.”

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