The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 19

Edited By Larkspur and Sasha

Wei Lan felt that Lou Xu’s brain was not working properly. She was from the rocket class. How could she act so stupidly?


“You appeared in front of our class, and  still want to act low-key?”


“What should I do then?”


“Tell me, I’ll ask her on your behalf.”


Lou Xu stared at Wei Lan for a long time which made him feel uncomfortable. 


She finally said, “You sit in front of her and only you have her WeChat in the whole classroom.”


Xu Xinduo had too cold of a personality for anyone to be able to chat with her. On the other hand, Lou Xu didn’t take the initiative to talk with her. She was very chatty all day. However, contrary to what one might expect she had an introverted personality.


It had been a few days since Xu Xinduo’s transfer. She also did not have a friend and was all alone.


Lou Xu said, “Zhen Longtao in our make-up class bet on pursuing her so he will be buzzing around her. I think this kind of behavior is disgusting. I want to tell her to not make a fool of herself.”


Wei Lan raised his eyebrows after listening.


Zhen Longtao did not know him but he was familiar with him. He was quite the arrogant figure in Jiahua International School. It was just that he never dared to provoke people from their International Classes, especially Tong Yan and his gang.


In the rumors, there was a mention of Zhen Longtao. His looks were average, he was very tall and fleshy, and now he was in Class Two of the Regular Classes.


“Bet with whom?” Wei Lan asked again.


“Shen Zhuhang!” 


Then Lou Xu repeated Shen Zhuhang’s words from the make-up class. Wei Lan laughed upon hearing.


“He can really pretend…” Wei Lan smiled and nodded, “OK, I got it. I’ll tell her on your behalf.”


After hearing this, Lou Xu ran away. Wei Lan didn’t linger and went straight back to the classroom.
Xu Xinduo had just returned when he stepped in. In front of her was the route map of the school. She seemed to be familiar with the route.
Today, she almost habitually went into the men’s toilet, which was a really serious problem.


Wei Lan walked in and sat in front of Xu Xinduo, turning his head to talk to Xu Xinduo.


After listening to everything, Xu Xinduo leaned back and then looked at Shen Zhuhang. Then she finally asked Wei Lan, “Is there something wrong with him?”


Wei Lan replied with a smile. “I also think so. How are you going to deal with it?”


“I don’t care.”




Zhen Longtao began to pursue Xu Xinduo.


He followed her fervently.


For instance, when Xu Xinduo was eating in the canteen, Zhen Longtao would suddenly sit opposite her. When taking optional courses, Zhen Longtao would suddenly enter Xu Xinduo’s classroom and sit next to her.


All of this made Xu Xinduo a little upset.


The classes at Jiahua International School were diversified. The regular classes were based on the class system while the International Classes were optional.


There were some rare courses which could be selected by both classes, such as small language courses. Sometimes, even if one didn’t choose these classes, one could still attend them and teachers wouldn’t object.


There were some interesting classes in the Multimedia Building, such as dance, music, go, calligraphy and so on. All of them were available to the students and even students of different grades would mix up here.


So, for Jiahua International School’s students, the concept of staying in a single class was relatively less important, at least not as important as other high schools.


When Xu Xinduo was listening to the economics lecture, Zhen Longtao came in. This was a class that students of Regular Classes wouldn’t take.


Only the students of International students would listen to the course of Western Economics and only overseas students could learn it.

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