The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 2

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Larkspur & Girondono

“I was raised by the Xu family and the grace of my upbringing cannot be forgotten. Just like my sister who chose to stay in the Mu family despite knowing her real identity. She turned a blind eye to her real family. My name doesn’t need to be changed.”

This answer made Father Mu freeze and he couldn’t say anything more.

Mother Mu also took a quick look at Xu Xinduo. Her expression turned ugly but she said nothing.

Xu Xinduo was their own daughter. However, considering that Mu Qingyao had been living with them for 16 years, they decided to only claim that Xu Xinduo looked like them and had a poor life experience so they accepted her as their adopted daughter and kept her original identity secret.

They were really in the wrong.

She was born with a blood relationship with them but was still a stranger.

Watching Mu Qingyao cry so hard and considering their 16 years of relationship, they had made this cruel decision.

In their opinion, they had to properly compensate Xu Xinduo.

By doing so, Xu Xinduo didn’t protest or even have other emotions, which made them feel relieved.

But now, Xu Xinduo refused to change her name which made them flustered. They couldn’t say anything at all. As long as they said anything, Xu Xinduo could raise the issue of her identity.

It was fine to change her name because she won’t be regarded as an adopted daughter.

Mu Qingyao’s face was even more livid.

This sentence was absolutely ironic to her!

‘What a joke, how can I be a child of that humble family? I am daughter of the Mu family!’

‘I won’t admit it!’

After eating, Xu Xinduo and Mu Qingyao went upstairs together. Mu Qingyao quickly caught up with Xu Xinduo who was walking in front of her. She gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “My brother is away on a student exchange program. He won’t be back in a short time. I will give you the school tour after your transfer.”

“Good.” Xu Xinduo responded coldly and turned back to her room.

Mu Qingyao looked at the door of the room and sneered.


‘Just pretend!’

‘A hick from the countryside is acting elegant. I’d like to see how long you can hold it.’
On the first day of school, Xu Xinduo received her new mobile phone from Father Mu.

She put the mobile phone box into her school bag and went to the Mu family’s car.

When she got into the car, Mu Qingyao looked at Xu Xinduo who was  in her school uniform. Her eyes were shooting daggers.

Xu Xinduo was born beautiful, with a figure like an immortal fairy. She was very quiet during ordinary days and had great fashion sense.

However, Mu Qingyao did not like her.

Their brother, Mu Qing, was also the most handsome boy in the school.

Xu Xinduo and Mu Qing were about eighty percent similar. She had perfectly gentle looks and her height was what was expected for girls. Wearing a blazer and pleated school uniform, her exposed legs looked a bit off the mark.

Before, she didn’t look like her brother. She just thought that they might be born from different mothers. Now she came to know that she had no relationship with her brother at all.

“Is there any English class in the high school of your town?” Mu Qingyao suddenly asked this slightly mean question. Even the driver sitting in front of the car felt it was a bit harsh.

It could be imagined that the Mu family did not like this adopted daughter.

“Umm.” Xu Xinduo replied casually, still holding a book in her hand and looking at it carefully.

Mu Qingyao looked at it. It was actually a novel in English! She immediately shut her mouth. ‘Can you even understand it?’


Even most of the students in the international class didn’t need to read all English novels.

Please read at least first 4 chapters before coming to any conclusion.


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