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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 20

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After Zhen Longtao sat down, he noticed that Xu Xinduo’s hand was hanging on his side. He extended his hand and the back of his hand inadvertently touched Xu Xinduo’s finger, and then moved closer.


Xu Xinduo was more active than Zhen Longtao. She directly held Zhen Longtao’s hand. Her fingers were slender and looked petite.


Zhen Longtao couldn’t help but feel happy. He thought that hick couldn’t resist the temptation.


As soon as the teacher turned around to write on the blackboard, Xu Xinduo twisted Zhen Longtao’s hand, making his arm intertwine  at a strange angle. Zhen Longtao subconsciously retracted his hand to relieve the pain.


Just when he was about to scream, Xu Xinduo kicked him.


Optional courses had small desks. Only a book could be placed on them. The chairs were small and round, making it easy for Xu Xinduo to kick.


Zhen Longtao fell to the ground. He turned around and scolded in embarrassment: “F**k your M*m…”


Xu Xinduo looked at him suspiciously and exclaimed: “Ah! What’s wrong with you?!”


Zhen Longtao swore that this was the most feminine sentence Xu Xinduo had said since he met her. Although  b*tches were b*tches , they were really overmodest.


They seemed to be nothing like her.


Xu Xinduo saw the teacher looking at them, she pointed  at Zhen Longtao and said, “He fell down all of a sudden,shall  I take him to the infirmary?”


Since Xu Xinduo talked a lot, there must be an abnormality. Xu Xinduo usually didn’t talk much. However, whenever she opened her mouth, she was up to some mischief.


The foreign teacher asked in English, so Zhen Longtao couldn’t understand it.


Foreign teachers didn’t speak Chinese and spoke English very fast. Zhen Longtao wasn’t from the International class so he couldn’t keep up with the teacher. 


Zhen Longtao timidly sat back again. Then, he saw Xu Xinduo staring at him with an evil smile on her face. He suddenly became  terrified.


He waved his hand, indicating that he was fine, then moved to the end of the classroom and sat there. After another ten minutes, he skipped class.


After Zhen Longtao left, the other students who watched everything unfold suddenly sneered. 


It was not the International Class Four. An unfamiliar student murmured, “this transfer student is very rusty.”


“Super A.”


“She’s such a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ to me…”


Wei Lan was also in this classroom. He whispered to the people around him, “I like her.”


“As long as someone looks good, you like her.”


“You summed it up very well.”


Lou Xu lived on campus and had dinner at school.


(T/N: Jinhua International school provides hostel services too.)


After having dinner, she went to the single bedroom building. When she reached the floor where her room was, she saw Xu Xinduo standing at her room’s door.


Her room was quite far away from the staircase, but Lou Xu could see at a glance that it was Xu Xinduo. She was 175cm tall and had slender legs that were very  eye-catching


She tensed up for a moment and retracted in the corridor. She took out her mobile phone, opened the front camera, and straightened her hair.


After confirming that there was no problem with her looks, she walked back to Xu Xinduo and asked her, “Are you waiting for me?”


Xu Xinduo smiled after seeing her. She nodded and asked, “Can I go in? I’ve been waiting for half an hour.”


Lou Xu hurriedly took out the key to open the door and said with a little regret: “I like to chat with my friends after dinner. I didn’t expect that you would wait for me. What can I do for you?”

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