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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 21

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Actually, Xu Xinduo had nothing to do. She handed Lou Xu a Tanghulu: “I bought it for you.”


Lou Xu felt a bit strange holding the Tanghulu. She looked at Xu Xinduo, waiting for her explanation.


Xu Xinduo said: “This Tanghulu is very delicious. Every time I come here, if I have time, I will buy a bunch of them. They have no seeds in them. Moreover, Hawthorns are carefully selected and are very delicious.”


“Oh… Thank you. ” Lou Xu still didn’t understand it, but she accepted it.


‘Every time she came here?’


‘Hasn’t Xu Xinduo came here a few days ago?’


Xu Xinduo said: “I know what you came to tell me. I bought it especially for you. I want to share my favorite snack with you as my thanks.”


Lou Xu was a very emotional person. She felt touched by Xu Xinduo’s actions.


Lou Xu blushed and replied: “In fact, it’s a trivial matter. I just didn’t like their actions.”


Xu Xinduo cherished this kind of kindness, so she came to thank Lou Xu especially.


Xu Xinduo smiled as she asked: “What is your name?”


“Lou Xu!”


“Oh, what a nice name. My name is Xu Xinduo.”


Lou Xu was embarrassed again and couldn’t help but say to Xu Xinduo: “How come you can smooth talk like Wei Lan?”


“Do you know him?” Xu Xinduo didn’t really  realised so. Was it because she had been with Wei Lan for a long time and learned a little bit unconsciously?


“Yes, I know him.”


“Oh… Your junior high school classmate?” There were too many students in Jiahua International School.


“I’m his ex-girlfriend.” Lou Xu took a bite of Tanghulu and said frankly.


It was no surprise.


Xu Xinduo knew Wei Lan had many girlfriends.


Lou Xu suddenly thought of something and asked Xu Xinduo, “Is he pursuing you? You can toy with him for some time. He is good at making people laugh. However, he is not sincere.”


Xu Xinduo was  shocked by Lou Xu’s completely indifferent appearance. She could not help but asked: “Did  he hurt you?”


Lou Xu, who was eating Tanghulu, shook her head and replied : “No, I didn’t take  that relationship seriously. I just think he is  good looking. When I saw his handsome face, I felt like dating him.”


Xu Xinduo was dumbfounded: “Are you sure?”


“Yeah,  as I said, he is  good looking. I don’t think I lost anything even if we broke up soon.” She thought about it and added, “But I’m not a casual girl. I’m a  girl with principles. I only fall in love with good-looking boys.”


For the first time, Xu Xinduo really felt that she was from the village and didn’t understand the city’s teenagers.


However, she still found it very interesting and couldn’t help but admire her: “Well, you have your own ideas.”


“It’s not worth mentioning .” Lou Xu said righteously, “I want to remind you that you are also  good looking. We can be friends.”


‘This girl was really too honest.’


Lou Xu found that Xu Xinduo was a little shocked, so she didn’t continue . In fact, as long as Xu Xinduo agreed, she didn’t mind talking with her.


As long as Xu Xinduo didn’t disfigure, she won’t care if she had ten or eight boyfriends at the same time. They would be good friends. Moreover, after talking with Xu Xinduo, she could watch Xu Xinduo’s beautiful face and refresh her mood.


‘As long as one looks good, he or she can be my friend.’


Xu Xinduo thanked her once again. After sitting down and resting for a while, she was ready to leave.


When Lou Xu sent her out, she asked, “Can I add your WeChat? That way, it would be easy to talk.”


“Yes.” Xu Xinduo didn’t care. She and Lou Xu added each other on WeChat, and then Xu Xinduo left.

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