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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 22

Edited By Msi & Sasha

The next day, the school stopped the Hobby Classes in the afternoon. Students of every class stayed in their classrooms, turned on the projector, and saw the live broadcast of the Asian Piano Competition.


Today, their school’s Tong Yan was going to participate in the finals.


This was undoubtedly a great event which brought glory for the school. The school attached great importance to this competition. It even made watching the live broadcast mandatory.


Xu Xinduo held the mobile phone in her hand and looked up at the big screen.


The live broadcaster was on a  local platform. Of course, it paid more attention to the  local competitors and from time to time, it would shoot Tong Yan to show his status.


Tong Yan’s handsome face appeared on the big screen. He was holding a mobile phone in his hand. He glanced at it from time to time and then looked at the players in the contest.


Someone could not control himself and said, ”I don’t know if it’s because of the big screen, but seeing Tong Yan’s face on the screen, I feel that he is like a character of a hero in a movie.”


He was not the only one. When everyone watched Tong Yan on the screen, they felt as if they were watching a movie and Tong Yan was the protagonist of that movie.


He was arrogant and rebellious. His eyes were full of confidence and at the same time indifference.


He looked elegant, just like a vampire in those classical movies. He looked charming and yet, dangerous.


Some girls in the class sighed as they murmured: “Ahh, Brother Yan is so handsome.”


“I dare not look at him like usual. This is the first time I have looked at him so carefully.”


Xu Xinduo looked at the message on the phone: Ah, so annoying.


Looking at the teenager on the screen, it was hard to imagine that he actually sent such a line while looking so graceful.


Xu Xinduo replied: Nervous?


Tong Yan: It’s not me who is going to perform anyway.


Xu Xinduo: Let’s swap.


Tong Yan: Okay.


Tong Yan’s body swayed slightly. Then he changed his sitting position from cross-legged to sitting upright.


At the same time, Tong Yan went into Xu Xinduo’s body, he looked up at the projector screen and found that he was actually watching the live broadcast in the classroom. He couldn’t help but exclaim: “WTF!”


‘Why is the school exaggerating this event so much?’


He covered his face in embarrassment. It was a bit unbearable.


Xu Xinduo was going to participate in the competition. In her words, she would not be doubted if she participated with his body.


Tong Yan could only agree with her. As a result, over the years there were all kinds of trophies in his room.


Everyone thought how he was so elegant, but really he was just upset.


At this time, Wei Lan turned his head and talked to him: “This is your deskmate, Tong Yan. He is a very fussy person.”


Tong Yan looked up at Wei Lan, and his expression changed instantly.


‘When I was not in China, that’s what you said about me?’


Wei Lan had long been accustomed to Xu Xinduo’s unwillingness to talk, so he continued to chat: “If our Brother Yan’s temper was even a little bit better, he wouldn’t have had such a bad rating.”


“Is he?” Tong Yan responded coldly.


“Yeah. If you act a little cute, there  will be a lot of people chasing after you, so don’t be fooled by Zhen Longtao.”


Tong Yan didn’t know about this incident, so he could not help raising his eyebrows. Then he tried to recall carefully who Zhen Longtao was.


Wei Lan simply came over and continued to say: “But speaking of it, I still envy Zhen Longtao. At least, he got to touch your hand a little. I haven’t even touched it yet.”


After saying that, he stretched out his hand, wanting to touch “Xu Xinduo’s” hand.

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