The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 23

Edited By Msi & Sasha


Tong Yan immediately withdrew his hand and looked at Wei Lan with disgust. At the same time, he felt extremely angry.


‘What has happened? Holding hands?’


He and Xu Xinduo met only a handful of times before. Once, he took Xu Xinduo out and secretly celebrated her 16th birthday. Next time, Grandma Xu was not feeling well so he visited her in the hospital.


These two times, he and Xu Xinduo did not have any physical contact. They met in a hurry and then separated in a hurry.


The hand he hadn’t touched yet was pulled by the guy named Zhen Longtao?!


Tong Yan was so angry that he had to clench his fists to relieve his anger.


‘Who is Zhen Longtao?!’


At this time, someone whispered in the classroom: “Brother Yan is going to go on stage!”


“Ahh, how handsome!”


When “Tong Yan” took the stage and played, Wei Lan didn’t look back and watched the game seriously.


There was a rare silence in the classroom. Everyone was watching the teenager  playing on the screen. At this time, all the classes in the school were watching this scene.


Music was the tonal reflection of beauty.


The teenager on the screen was elegant and calm. His facial features had a strong visual impact, which gave people a feeling of rose, rich and gorgeous.


After the performance was over, Wei Lan turned back and said, “Brother Yan is as calm as ever.”


Then he saw the beautiful girl was playing with her cell phone.


He looked up and found that “Xu Xinduo” was looking through the student records.


“That Zhen boy, which class is he from?” asked Tong Yan.


“Senior Class Two.”


Tong Yan quickly opened the records of the Class Two and found Zhen Longtao’s photo soon. He glanced at it and then said, “Bring Su Wei and others to come with me.”


Wei Lan: “???”


Tong Yan intended to take out the baseball bat from his locker . There was another thought in his heart that he didn’t say out: ‘I will destroy that scum!’


Before going, he looked back at the big screen and saw his body picking up the phone.


He went back to his seat and saw the message in WeChat: Wanna swap bodies?


He finally regained his mind and typed back: You won the prize yourself, so receive it yourself too.


Xu Xinduo reminded him of another message: Well, I will not go home with Mu Qingyao.


He typed fast and asked: Why?


 Xu Xinduo: Recently, she helped a person named Zhen Longtao to chase me. She deliberately refused to let me get in the car and asked Zhen Longtao to drop me. I’m too lazy to take a taxi.


He read the message and understood the situation . ‘Will this Zhen Longtao appear after school?’


Wei Lan was still curious: “What’s the matter Duoduo?”


(T/N: “Duoduo” is an intimate way of calling Xu Xinduo.)


‘What the hell?


“It’s nothing.” replied Tong Yan.


After school, Tong Yan took out her mobile phone and took a look. Then someone approached him. He looked up and saw the familiar face he found in Student Records.


Zhen Longtao didn’t have a good expression when he saw Xu Xinduo. After all, Xu Xinduo embarrassed him before.


He looked at Xu Xinduo and said in a low voice, “You don’t know how to appreciate favors. I have  rarely seen someone like you .”


Tong Yan looked at Zhen Longtao from up to down. Then he bypassed him and walked away as he asked: “Where is the car?”


Zhen Longtao was stunned. After catching up with Xu Xinduo, he asked, “What tricks are you playing?”


“Going home.”


Zhen Longtao really wanted to be angry, but then he thought of the bet and calmed himself down. He took “Xu Xinduo” to the school gate, guiding her to the car.


Xu Xinduo went directly to the front passenger seat.


But seeing Zhen Longtao, he walked to the back row and sat down.

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