The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 24

Edited By Msi & Sasha

Not far away from the car, Mu Qingyao saw this scene. Since Xu Xinduo and Zhen Longtao came out of the school together, Mu Qingyao and Shen Zhuhang had been spying on the two of them.


She said to Shen Zhuhang with a smile, “That adopted daughter is really hooked.”


“She was just pretending before, making Zhen Longtao think that she was hard to pursue.”


Mu Qingyao put on a concerned appearance and asked in a low voice: “I think Zhen Longtao will definitely tease her mercilessly… Do I remind Zhen Longtao not to go too far?”


“You are so kind-hearted that you will suffer many grievances. In fact, it’s not necessary at all. After all, this is that adopted daughter’s decision. Let’s go home. “


“Good.” After Mu Qingyao sat in the car, she didn’t have the same appearance as before. She even recorded Xu Xinduo’s video of entering into Zhen Longtao’s car on her mobile phone.




While on their way back Tong Yan saw a small park and suddenly said, “Stop the car.”


The driver slowly stopped the car on the side of the road and Zhen Longtao asked, “What are you doing?”


“I want to go for a walk, you can go back first.” After finishing saying, Tong Yan got out of the car and walked into the park without any haste.


He didn’t look back but heard the sound of the door closing. Sure enough, Zhen Longtao followed.


He knew it.


Zhen Longtao walked in the park side by side with Tong Yan. He looked around and asked in a puzzled tone, “What are you doing here?”


“Just taking a walk and breathing fresh air. When I was in my hometown, I used to take a walk every day. This is just the right place to do so.”


Zhen Longtao was not really interested in this kind of environment but he was  just looking at Xu Xinduo.


Night had just fallen, the street lamp had not been turned on, and under the dim light, she looked at the distant side face quietly, almost perfect.


The night had just fallen and the street lights had not been turned on yet. Under the dim light, he looked quietly at the Xu Xinduo’s face which was flawless.


After looking at it, Zhen Longtao began to adjust his mind and said, “I know that it’s reckless of me to pursue you all of a sudden. I just fell in love at first sight and was a little anxious. If you are with me, I will definitely treat you well and always protect you.”


Tong Yan listened and thought that these words had no emotions at all. Even though Wei Lan always pursued girls, at least his words were great.


Zhen Longtao felt that he spoke very well. In his opinion, Xu Xinduo had just come to Mu Mansion and had no sense of security. The thing she needed most was a behind-the-scenes supporter who could give her a sense of security.


If he was willing to be Xu Xinduo’s support, then she could certainly take advantage of the situation and achieve high social status.


He promised her what she needed urgently. It’s hard to be unmoved.


“I know you are not used to the Mu family just now. I am familiar with the Mu family. My relationship with Mu Qingyao and Mu Qingyi is not bad. We grew up together. If you encounter any problem in the future, I can also help you and let these two people take care of you. In the future, you will come to me whenever you have a problem. I will help you out.”


‘This should be sincere enough… to make this country bumpkin’s heart move, right?’


Tong Yan turned to see Zhen Longtao: “What do you like about me?”


‘Is that a sign of faltering?’


“You… are very beautiful. ” Zhen Longtao said sincerely.


She was very beautiful. So beautiful that it sped up his heartbeat.


“Nothing more?” Tong Yan asked again.


Zhen Longtao didn’t answer for a long time.
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