The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 25

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Tong Yan really didn’t know what happened to these people.


His good brother Wei Lan was someone who attached great importance to good looks, and most of his girlfriends were abnormal. It was clear that Wei Lan was a scum man, but they still became his girlfriend because of his good looks.


Was it only because of the good looks?


No, it depended on status.


His parents didn’t love each other. His mother liked his father’s money and status as a wealthy man. His father liked his mother’s beauty and her status as a movie queen. Both of them were together only on the surface.


Although they had not divorced, they were like strangers.


Were feelings only related to looks?


No, they weren’t.


Even if someone felt something for someone because of outer appearance, it wasn’t feelings. It was just a desire, which was called…. Lust.


Tong Yan lowered his head and walked silently for a while. Then he walked to the lake and looked at the lake in a daze.


Zhen Longtao looked at him and wanted to touch him. He was afraid of being beaten up again, so he stopped.


Tong Yan stood on the stone platform, hooked his finger at Zhen Longtao, and Zhen Longtao walked over immediately.


Zhen Longtao went beside him but before he could say or react, Tong Yan fiercely  kicked Zhen Longtao directly into the lake. Tong Yan was not afraid. All the students of Jiahua School could swim. After all, this was one of the contents of physical education.


Tong Yan sat on the shore, watching Zhen Longtao flutter in the water. Finally, Zhen Langtao stabilized and wiped his face with his hand. He looked at him on the shore in shock and swore: “Damn you!”


“Is it cold in the water?” Tong Yan asked coldly.


“You want to try it?!”


“Can you hear me? Next time if you make me angry, you won’t just end up in the water…”


Tong Yan stood up after speaking and took a few steps back as if he didn’t want Zhen Longtao’s water to splash on himself.


Zhen Langtao swam up shore with all his might while cursing Xu Xinduo


Tong Yan moved his wrist, but he was not afraid.


Tong Yan’s family often arranged martial arts classes for him, and Xu Xinduo often attended them. After returning to her body, she would try to practice according to her memories.


Many times, after Tong Yan went into Xu Xinduo’s body, he would find that Xu Xinduo’s body was blue and purple or aching. He knew that she was also practicing martial arts.


Xu Xinduo’s body was very flexible, strong, and agile. He was not afraid of Zhen Longtao at all.


At this time, the sound of motorcycles sounded. Tong Yan looked over and saw Wei Lan and Su Wei come over on motorcycles. They stopped by Tong Yan’s side and handed Tong Yan a helmet.


Tong Yan asked Wei Lan to come over.


Wei Lan thought that Tong Yan would go on his motorcycle, but Tong Yan turned him down and had him sit with Su Wei. Then he got on the motorcycle by himself, put on the helmet, and drove away on Wei Lan’s motorcycle.


Wei Lan watched Tong Yan leave and couldn’t help sighing, “Wearing a skirt and riding a motorcycle, it’s amazing…”


Su Wei let Wei Lan get on his motorcycle and asked, “Didn’t you see that the skirt’s corners were pressed?”


“Ah, why is she so careful?”


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