The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 26

Edited By Msi & Larkspur

That night, a post appeared on the Jiahua forum.


Title: The legendary newly-appointed school flower seems to be taken away.


The content of the post was a short video in which Xu Xinduo gets in Zhen Longtao’s car.


1st commenter: It seems that this one looks very easy to pursue.


2nd commenter: It’s only been a few days. Does she already have a boyfriend?


3rd commenter: Zhen Longtao from Class 2 is a scum.


4th commenter: Short-sighted!


45th commenter: Really, shameless. I thought she had a cold personality. It turned out to be so easy to take her. She just went home with the boy in a few days whom she gave a cold shoulder before?


46th commenter: I’ll give her 5,0000 Yuan, will she come home with me?


47th commenter: You are paying too much. She’s not worth it.


48th commenter: Haha… I will give 800 Yuan to whoever lives in her village for a month.


This post soon became popular.


Xu Xinduo looked good, so many people had their eyes on her. It turned out that it only took a few days before she went home with the boy. This was really shallow.


She looked cold in school but was very warm in private!


She was originally the most popular person in the school. With such explosive content, the post quickly became popular.


Mu Qingyao had just anonymously posted that video. After a meal, she opened the forum again and saw that everyone was scolding Xu Xinduo.


She was satisfied with the result.


In the WeChat group, all the students were also talking about it. She opened the group to see the chat records. The discussions were very intense. Students were mostly scolding Xu Xinduo and praising Zhen Longtao for his good fortune to be the first to take a little beauty like Xu Xinduo.


Someone immediately refuted: How do you know that Zhen Longtao is the first one? Maybe there were many in the village before.


Mu Qingyao immediately said in the group: Don’t say that, I think my sister is not such a person.


The group suddenly became quiet.


She was about to show this to her parents, but then she saw someone in the group say: Things are reversed!


Mu Qingyao quickly opened the forum and saw a new post: The scandalous person was kicked into the water and looked utterly frustrated. It was really satisfying.


There were two videos there. One was a surveillance video while the other was recorded by someone else.


There was no sound in the surveillance video. In the video, Xu Xinduo could be seen standing by the lake. She hooked her finger onto Zhen Longtao and then slickly kicked Zhen Longtao into the water.


After that, she provoked Zhen Longtao by saying something. Then, she stood up and retreated with a touch of elegance.


The second video was recorded by Su Wei with Wei Lan’s mobile phone when they’d arrived at the lake. Zhen Longtao yelled at Xu Xinduo after falling into the water: “Xu Xinduo, I gave you face! Did you bring me here on purpose? I won’t let you off. Who do you think you are? Me taking a fancy to you was already giving you enough face! “


However, Xu Xinduo didn’t pay any heed to him. She elegantly got on Wei Lan’s motorcycle, put on her helmet, and rode away on the motorcycle.


Xu Xinduo was tall and had long legs. Those long legs were especially eye-catching after riding on a motorcycle. She looked like a goddess as she rode away.


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