The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 27

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Then, someone from the first floor took the initiative to cancel the anonymity and put his name on the post. It turned out that he was Wei Lan.


1st commenter (Wei Lan): I am Wei Lan from class 4, a classmate of Xu Xinduo. During school, classmate Xu asked me for help, saying that she was upset to see Zhen Longtao bet with Mu Qingyao and her fiance to chase her and wanted to teach him a lesson. Unexpectedly, our retaliation caused some misunderstandings. I declare that classmate Xu has nothing to do with Zhen Longtao.


2nd commenter: WTF! Ruining her reputation?


3rd commenter: Betting on chasing girls? Mu Qingyao bet on her own sister?! How can I vaguely smell the gossip?


4th commenter: Is Mu Qingyao so poisonous?


5th commenter: Hahaha, what a good fiance. Is it to give a face to your classmates?


6th commenter: As I always thought, the people of that building were really stinky. A group of people slandered the reputation of a little girl as if she had done something heinous. I don’t understand. Even if Xu Xinduo really made a boyfriend, what does it have to do with you all?


7th commenter: Let’s cancel the anonymity of the forum and check who has posted that post about Xu Xinduo.



29th commenter: It is reasonable to suspect that Mu Qingyao does not accept Xu Xinduo as the adopted daughter. She not only wanted to drive away the adopted daughter but also wanted to destroy Xu Xinduo, which was really vicious. I now doubt the identity of the three children again. To be honest, she is not like the Mu family at all! I have uploaded the photos of three of them taken by the students. Let’s find out the truth by ourselves! After all, not everyone is blind!


This post by Wei Lan completely overturned everyone’s impression of Xu Xinduo and Mu Qingyao. Mu Qingyao’s actions were really vicious and emotional  students didn’t like them.


34th commenter: Why do you doubt their identity?


35th commenter: Since it’s Mu Qingyao, I am not surprised by her actions at all. That green tea b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! She usually acts decently. In fact, there are many rumors about it. Rocket class student Ban Banhua was her friend originally but later two of them broke up. It is said that Mu Qingyao plays dirty tricks behind the back.


(T/N: “Green tea b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲” is a girl who seems innocent and charming but is actually calculating and manipulative.)


36th commenter: Mu Qingyao and Zhen Longtao bet that Zhen Longtao would make Xu Xinduo his girlfriend. Is it that surprising? Don’t you all know what kind of person Zhen Longtao is? The words in the video can also be heard clearly. Zhen Longtao doesn’t respect Xu Xinduo at all.


37th commenter: I really feel sorry for Xu Xinduo. She had a poor life but now she can finally live a good life after being adopted. The daughter of the Mu family (Mu Qingyao) is so vicious that she can’t wait for her to die.
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