The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 28

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38th commenter (Kang Xujiao): I am Kang Xujiao of International Class 4. I haven’t even talked with Xu Xinduo even once, so I cannot be regarded as her friend. I came to know everything I know after observing her. She has always been very indifferent. She didn’t even pay attention to Wei Lan, let alone Zhen Longtao. He is just a scumbag. I don’t favor one and discriminate against the other. Wei Lan is more handsome than Zhen Longtao. As for Zhen Longtao, he took an economic class with us and sat next to Xu Xinduo. In the end, he ended up being kicked by Xu Xinduo.



61st commenter: I have to say Mu Qingyao is really a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, and Xu Xinduo indeed has low EQ and can’t handle relationships. If Xu Xinduo behaves a little better, she will not be treated like this by Mu Qingyao.


62nd commenter: Looks like standard victim-blaming theory.


(T/N: Read about victim-blaming theory → Victim blaming)


63rd commenter: The whole school is watching the Mu’s family drama.



At this time, Mu Qingyao was in a panic. She could only ask for help.


She first sent a message to Shen Zhuhang, asking why the bet had leaked out? In fact, if one carefully thought about it, he would instantly know the answer. It must have been Lou Xu or Shao Qinghe. It may be Lu Renjia, but it’s highly unlikely.


‘How to solve this situation now.’


After thinking, Mu Qingyao could only send a message to Mu Qingyi: Brother, can you help me?




Xu Xinduo didn’t know that the Jiahua International School had a forum. She hadn’t joined any groups. At this time, she was still doing her homework seriously in the room.


She went to help Tong Yan in the competition before. After receiving the award, she and Tong Yan swapped back into their real bodies.


When she came back, she was lying in her room. She immediately sat up to do her homework. Unfortunately, when she opened the bag, she found that Tong Yan had only brought back a few books. Now she could only rely on her memory to do the homework.


(T/N: She meant that Tang Yan had left other books in her school locker.)


The screen of the mobile phone lit up. It was a video call from Tong Yan. She accepted the call and put the mobile phone on the stand, but Tong Yan was still holding the mobile phone in his hand.


He looked at the screen and asked, “Busy?”


“Not busy.” Xu Xinduo replied casually and then looked at the screen.


Tong Yu, “Did Mu Qingyao come to you?”






Xu Xinduo immediately guessed that something might have happened, so she asked, “What’s the matter?”


Tong Yan sat there, lazily talking about the things that had happened. He also read out the post on the school forum and said with a sneer, “That Mu Qingyao didn’t even look for you, but she still said that she has already apologized to you personally. What a superficial person…”


“She apologized?”


“Yes, but only by post, not personally. She also told me (when he was in Xu Xinduo’s body) that no one will bully you. But she still bet with someone on pursuing you. Will you forgive her just like this?”
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