The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 29

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Xu Xinduo said indifferently, “Mu Qingyao doesn’t like me. It’s certain that she wants to play dirty tricks which come as no surprise to me. I didn’t take this seriously. I didn’t plan to deal with Zhen Longtao at all.”


“I told you to come to my house directly, but you refused. You must listen to me this time.”


“What’s the matter with me going to your house suddenly?!”


“Then I’ll get you a house. Everything can be arranged for you. Won’t everything be fine if you live there? I’ll arrange it for you after I return.”


Xu Xinduo couldn’t help but laugh after listening to this: “So what will I be considered if I live in your golden house?”


(T/N: Golden house means a magnificent house built for a beloved woman.)


“I will support you until graduation. Won’t it be better than the Mu family you stayed in?”


Xu Xinduo stared at Tong Yan on the screen for a long time and then shook her head: “It’s okay; I don’t want to owe you too much.”


“I don’t care!” said Tang Yan.


“Moreover, when I grow up and talk about marriage. The families should be well-matched in terms of social status, right?” Xu Xinduo murmured to herself, but Tong Yan still heard it.


“The families should be well-matched in terms of social status?! Who do you like? Wei Lan? I’ll tell you that kid’s a smooth talker. You are my friend, so I am telling you. Otherwise, I am too lazy to persuade others.”


Xu Xinduo’s hand, which was doing homework, paused for a moment and then continued to write: “You don’t have to worry, I know.”


‘He won’t understand.’


‘I don’t want him to understand.’


Tong Yan’s attention was not on Xu Xinduo


Tong Yan’s attention was not on Xu Xinduo anymore as he was still reading the forum. Then he finally said: “Oh! Mu Qingyi also made a post. Sure enough, he still regards Mu Qingyao as a younger sister who grew up with him and needed to be protected.”


“Mu Qingyi… What kind of person is he? ” Xu Xinduo was really curious about her so-called brother.


“Ah, he is a fool.”


“You see everyone as a fool.”


Tong Yan  recalled it and said: “I always wondered why I found him familier. I didn’t realize that he looks like you until you were recognized by Mu’s family. There is nothing great about him. He looks down on people and is short-tempered. He has a good relationship with Shao Qinghe. These two are inseparable like gay guy.”


“Oh, this pair of brother and sister are not going to target me together, are they?”


“That’s not true. Although Mu Qingyi is annoying, he is better than the rest of the Mu family members.”


Xu Xinduo no longer cared and continued to do homework.


Tong Yan looked at Xu Xinduo and got angry when he saw her nonchalant behaviour. He tapped his finger on the screen of his mobile phone: “Can’t you show some reaction?”


Xu Xinduo didn’t answer.


As a result, Tong Yan accidentally hung up when he tapped and didn’t call back again.


After finishing her homework, Xu Xinduo took out her mobile phone and scanned the QR code of the school’s app. She registered on the school’s app and began to look for these posts.


It took her a long time to find the legendary message of Mu Qingyao’s apology.
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