The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 3

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Larkspur

‘She crawled out of the village, right?’

‘How can she pretend so well?’


There was silence all the way.


After arriving at the school, there were not many students in the school.

When Mu Qingyao saw Xu Xinduo still carrying a suitcase, she suddenly said, “Xu Xinduo, let me show you around the school.”

“No.” Xu Xinduo replied coldly.

There were many different types of uniforms in Jiahua International School including swimsuits, tennis suits, basketball suits and so on. The uniforms of students were put in their own small cabinets. Xu Xinduo had just arrived and could only carry them in a suitcase.

Mu Qingyao immediately held her arm as if she had a relationship with her. “Come on, our school is big. If you get lost in school, our parents will blame me. You know, if they scold me because of you, I will die of injustice!”

Xu Xinduo had no choice but to follow Mu Qingyao in the school with her suitcase.

It seemed that Mu Qingyao chose the place with stairs on purpose. She had no intention to help Xu Xinduo carry things.

“Is the box heavy?” Mu Qingyao asked her.

“All right.”

“I’m sorry. I never do heavy work at home. Since you’ve grown up in the village, you don’t have any problem, right?”


Xu Xinduo really didn’t want to argue with someone less informed.

Mu Qingyao found Xu Xinduo very annoying, but she knew that she could not flare up now. Her beauty, nonchalant behaviour and everything about her was simply annoying.

On the other hand, Xu Xinduo knew that at this moment it was not others, but Mu Qingyao who was watching her most closely. Now, she could only speak as little as possible in front of Mu Qingyao without any emotions, so that the latter could play fewer tricks.

Otherwise, the first person to discover that she and Tong Yan could exchange their bodies would be Mu Qingyao, this low-grade green tea.

At this moment, Mu Qingyao seemed to see a few friends and ran to say hello to them.

When several girls gathered together to talk, they looked at Xu Xinduo from time to time, obviously talking about her. They didn’t make an effort to be discreet about it.

Xu Xinduo stood on one side and looked around. Then, spotting a boy she immediately called out, “Su Wei.”

“Ah?!” Su Wei who was just passing by  was surprised to be called by a big beauty.

Xu Xinduo gave him her suitcase. “Help me put it in Class Four, thank you.”

The tone was strangely familiar and Su Wei took the suitcase subconsciously with a puzzled expression.

Xu Xinduo also took off her schoolbag. “Help me carry it to class.”

“Ah? You are?”

Who is this person?!’

“New transferred student of your class.” After answering, Xu Xinduo went to Mu Qingyao and said, “Are you still strolling?”

Now, Su Wei was carrying Xu Xinduo’s school bag and pushing her suitcase. In the middle of the walk, he suddenly exclaimed. ‘What am I doing?!’

Looking back, he saw Xu Xinduo had already gone away.

‘Let’s take this school bag back to the class first. However, why does the tone of this beautiful girl sound so familiar?’

Mu Qingyao watched Xu Xinduo give her schoolbag to the student of Class Four and couldn’t help but be surprised. “Do you know him?”

“When I saw the class card, I asked him to help me take it.”

“You … really …” Mu Qingyao didn’t know what to say.

‘Isn’t it just because you look good?’

When they continued to tour the school, Mu Qingyao’s friends followed behind them, chatting in a low voice.

Schoolgirl 1: “It’s so nice. It looks like even a local chicken can turn into a Phoenix at one stroke. She rushed out of the village and entered a rich and powerful family.”

Schoolgirl 2: “This is almost a fairy tale. Yaoyao is kind-hearted and can accept this kind of thing. If it’s me, I can’t stand such a sister. What the hell!”

Schoolgirl Girl 3: “Just… look at her. She is just a fake. You consider yourself a big lady?”

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