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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 30

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242nd commenter (Shen Zhuhang): I’m Shen Zhuhang. I’d like to apologize to everyone here. This was caused by me. The Mu family suddenly accepted an adopted daughter, which made my girlfriend feel aggrieved. I was so angry that I made that bet. It was purely impulsive. Fortunately, it has not yet caused any negative  effects. This matter has nothing to do with my girlfriend. She advised me at that time, but I didn’t listen.


243rd commenter (Mu Qingyao): I’m sorry that I didn’t succeed in stopping my boyfriend and classmate Zhen’s childish gambling behavior, which caused a bad influence. I hereby apologize to Xu Xinduo and promise that I won’t do anything that would hurt my sister’s feelings.


246th commenter: Wow! The party involved in the incident has finally come.


247 commenter: Although Shen Zhuhang apologized, his apologizing style is really interesting. He didn’t mention Xu Xinduo in his speeches at all. He only apologized to us. I always feel that Shen Zhuhang didn’t regard Xu Xinduo as a human at all and the words “adoptive daughter” are particularly dazzling.


248th commenter: Who said that Mu Qingyao is good for nothing? See how beautifully she shrunk from her responsibility and threw it all on her boyfriend. The boyfriend’s responsibility is to protect his girlfriend and be angry for his girlfriend. I’m so touched.


249 commenter: Where’s Zhen Longtao? Has he not swam out of the water? Or has he lost his mind because of a lack of oxygen in water?



258th commenter (Mu Qingyi): It happened all because I didn’t take care of my sister well. I will deal with these things once I return to the country. Sorry to disturb you.


259th commenter: Ah, he is just below me!!!


260 commenter: Let’s take a group photo!


261st commenter: It’s not your fault! It’s your sister who made a mistake. So you’re abroad and don’t know about it no wonder.


262nd commenter: @Mu Qingyi, explain the sudden adoption of a daughter in your family.



272nd commenter (Mu Qingyi): @262 commenter, hey idiot why should I explain it to you?


273rd commenter: Yes, it’s my husband’s tone.


274 commenter: Stupid! Get out of the way!


275th commenter: @262 commenter, why do people adopt a daughter? Is it necessary to explain it to you? Who do you think you are? It’s none of your business.


276 commenter: Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s boring here. It’s better to eat chicken.


Xu Xinduo read all the posts and then sent a message to Tong Yan: Can this post be deleted?


Tong Yan: Why don’t you want to let them be publicly exposed?


Xu Xinduo: There is no need. I don’t want to  corral too much attention.


Tong Yan: One minute.


Tong Yan: OK, the post is deleted.




Mu Qingyi saw that post had been removed and felt relieved. He really didn’t want to participate in these things.


He impatiently put the mobile phone aside and was just about to start reading a book, but then he saw the mobile screen lit up because of a prompt.


He took a look at his mobile phone. It was Shao Qinghe’s message: So, which one is your real sister?


He typed back: Are you free?


Shao Qinghe: Yes, it’s really boring here.


Mu Qingyi: Then go die. Why waste my time?


Shao Qinghe: Oh, I see.


Shao Qinghe: It’s reasonable to say that your sister (Xu Xinduo) should be very angry regarding adoption. However, she didn’t cry or make trouble but decided to hide her achievements. She really doesn’t care at all?! Moreover, her temperament is not worse than that of your sister, or even better.


Mu Qingyi looked at the mobile phone and rolled his eyes. He replied to Shao Qinghe’s message: You are suitable to go back to ancient times to participate in the palace fight. Maybe you will get the position of an ostentatious elderly lady with your looks.
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