The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 31

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Shao Qinghe: I am really curious.


Mu Qingyi: Noisy.


Shao Qinghe: What do you think about it?


Mu Qingyi: I want you to shut up.


After replying to Shao Qinghe, Mu Qingyi checked the photo sent by him. He watched his picture and Xu Xinduo’s picture side by side…


‘Does the family really think it can be concealed like this?’


‘What kind of person is this sister?’




The next day.


Xu Xinduo walked downstairs for breakfast and saw Mu Qingyao waiting for her. She could not help but feel awkward while having breakfast.


After pondering over it for a long time, Mu Qingyao asked Xu Xinduo, “Duoduo, how about we go to school together?”


Xu Xinduo was really uncomfortable with Mu Qingyao calling her “Duoduo” but she didn’t refuse and agreed.


Both of them took the same car to the school. Xu Xinduo received a message from Tong Yan on the way: Should I pretend not to know you?


Xu Xinduo: There is a lot to pretend. First of all, you have to act like you’re very angry and I’m not allowed to sit beside you.


Tong Yan: (ㆆ_ㆆ)


Xu Xinduo: Then we have to fight.


Xu Xinduo: At last, you will act like you have been persuaded by me and we have become a friendly desk-mate.


Tong Yan: Let’s change the script. I want to be the protagonist.


Xu Xinduo: I fell in love with you at first sight and became your harem member.


Tong Yan: So let’s fight!


Xu Xinduo: OK.


The car drove to the entrance of the school. After getting out of the car, Mu Qingyao came near Xu Xinduo and held her arm. Xu Xinduo knew that Mu Qingyao was acting and she didn’t want to cooperate.


From yesterday to this morning, Mu Qingyao had plenty of time, but she never apologized to her.


She pulled her arm back indifferently and took a step back: “OK, I’m going in first.”


Mu Qingyao watched Xu Xinduo walk in, not giving her a face at all. She was about to gnash her teeth in anger, but noticing that there were other students around her, she calmed herself down.


When Xu Xinduo walked upstairs, she noticed that the atmosphere in the school was a little different from that of the other days. When passing by the group of girls, she heard them discuss excitedly: “Tong Yan has returned to school, so handsome!”


“Winning the first position in the Asian Piano Competition.”


“The whole school saw the competition. He looked so handsome in the live broadcast.”


“Oh, it’s Xu Xinduo, Mu Qingyao’s sister.”


Then a group of girls looked at Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo looked up at the railing and saw Tong Yan there.


The teaching block of Jiahua International School was of round design. The stairs going up and down were inside the round shape.


This design was more common in shopping malls and the first-floor corridor could be seen from the railing.


At this time, Tong Yan, Wei Lan, Su Wei, and others gathered together to chat by the railing at the gate of the International Class Four. Tong Yan was also taking tea.


Every time she stepped up, she would be closer to Tong Yan.


Tong Yan also looked back at this time.


She saw Wei Lan pointing at her. He should be introducing her to Tong Yan as his new deskmate. Tong Yan looked back at her. His eyes were always on her.


Their first meeting was at night.


In the second meeting, they met and separated in a hurry. It’s hard for her to see Tong Yan’s body from the third perspective.
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