The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 32

Edited By Msi

When she walked to the door of the classroom, Tong Yan who seemed to be in a good mood suddenly stopped her to ask, “Deskmate, do you want to drink coffee?”


Xu Xinduo looked at Tong Yan’s black-hearted ruffian smile and understood that they wouldn’t be fighting, so she said, “No, thank you.”


“Oh…” Tong Yan replied and then introduced himself, “I’m your deskmate. My name is Tong Yan.”


Xu Xinduo stopped to look at him and nodded: “Hello.”


After Xu Xinduo entered the classroom, Wei Lan looked at Tong Yan and asked, “Isn’t she beautiful?”


“Didn’t you send me a picture long ago?”


“I don’t think she’s photogenic. She looks better in the real world.” Wei Lan looked into the classroom again and made sure that Xu Xinduo was seated before saying, “I’m going to start chasing her. I think my action yesterday must have left a good impression on her.”


Tong Yan used a straw to take a sip of American coffee in his hand and replied casually: “Good luck to you.”


Shen Zhuhang walked out of the classroom at this time and found Wei Lan with a disheartened face. He said with a bad expression, “Wei Lan, can we have a talk alone?”


Tong Yan knew that Shen Zhuhang was here to find Wei Lan to settle accounts. He didn’t speak and looked at Wei Lan.


Wei Lan was quite indifferent. He shrugged and said: “You can say it directly.”


Shen Zhuhang looked at Tong Yan. It seemed that he didn’t want to provoke him. However, he was still angry in his heart, so he asked, “Do you have to do this for that adopted daughter?”


“I just posted what I know. Is there any distortion?”


“You will embarrass Yaoyao and me like this.”


“Why are you blaming me?”


Shen Zhuhang didn’t want to quarrel with Wei Lan. He only cared about one thing: “OK, I don’t care about the previous things. Just tell me who told you about the bet. Is it Lou Xu?”


Wei Lan’s temper also flared up. He really didn’t understand Shen Zhuhang’s brain circuit: “You don’t care about previous things? Seeing Xu Xinduo getting scolded, you didn’t do anything. Even after being exposed, you don’t even apologize. You really have a strange point of view. What’s the point of asking who said it and then going to that person?”


Shen Zhuhang was still bold and confident, “She is just a foster daughter. She came to the Mu family shamelessly for the money. She also wronged Yaoyao. She deserves to be scolded and…”


But before he could finish saying.




Shen Zhuhang’s body was kicked out and hit the wall, he didn’t know what was going on.


Wei Lan was right in front of him and he didn’t move at all. How could someone kick him?!


He raised his head in surprise and saw Tong Yan glancing at him while walking towards the classroom. His eyes were full of contempt, even disgust: “Be a human.”


While speaking, he directly entered the classroom.


Under the eyes of class students, Tong Yan walked to his seat and calmly sat on the chair without even reacting about the existence beside him.


Wei Lan and Su Wei waited for a while before they came in. Wei Lan walked to Tong Yan and said: “This kind of person really deserves beatings. I used to think he was a good person.”


Tong Yan didn’t talk about this again. After the class teacher entered the classroom, he arranged for early reading. Wei Lan also sat down properly.
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