The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 33

Edited By Msi & Girondono 

This class was particularly boring and long, making the whole class dispirited.


Many people looked back secretly. Some people wonder why Tong Yan suddenly beat Shen Zhuhang while others were curious about his reaction toward his new deskmate.


Tong Yan pretended to be calm and whispered to Xu Xinduo: “I bought you something to eat.”


Xu Xinduo looked at him, then reached out into the drawer, and found a Tanghulu wrapped in paper. She smiled and began to eat it with her head down.


Tong Yan tapped his finger on the edge of his American coffee cup: “See, I am trying not to sleep in the class.”


After seeing it, Xu Xinduo was finally in a good mood and her eyes turned into two crescents as she smiled.


A pile of books was stacked on Wei Lan’s desk and a small mirror was placed behind them. He was observing every moment of Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo from it.


He thought about it for a long time and finally concluded that Tong Yan would definitely make trouble for Xu Xinduo after he returned.Thats why he already told Tong Yan about Xu Xinduo in order not to make things more difficult for Xu Xinduo.


However, Tong Yan definitely didn’t like having a deskmate and would definitely make Xu Xinduo leave. When the time comes, he would take advantage of the situation and pacify Xu Xinduo while saying good things to Tong Yan. This way, he would finally make Xu Xinduo his own deskmate.


However, the result was out of his expectation. Both of them were quite calm.


Just now, Wei Lan didn’t hear what Tong Yan said to make Xu Xinduo amused.


It was because Wei Lan was dumbfounded by seeing her smile and didn’t pay attention to anything else.


It had been so many days since she transferred to the school but it was the first time she smiled!


What happened?! What’s up with that situation?


After the class, Xu Xinduo wrote two dates on the paper and gave it to Tong Yan.


After looking at it, Tong Yan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Xu Xinduo on WeChat: That’s my birthday. What are you up to?


Xu Xinduo: It’s also my birthday. I read a post yesterday and noticed that Mu Qingyao and Mu Qingyi were also born on the same day as you.


Tong Yan: Do you imply that the two of us being able to swap our bodies has something to do with our birthdays?


Xu Xinduo: I don’t know. It’s just a guess.


Xu Xinduo’s birthday was one day later than that of Mu Qingyi.


At that time, Mu Qingyao’s so-called biological maternal grandmother was a maid of the Mu family and was the person in charge. She wanted her granddaughter to enjoy all luxuries so she swapped her granddaughter with the Mu family’s daughter (Xu Xinduo).


The babies that were just born looked very similar. At that time, the Mu family didn’t notice anything at all.


After that, the maid gave her (Xu Xinduo) to Grandma Xu.


Grandma Xu’s son died unexpectedly during his wife’s pregnancy. Grandma Xu was aggrieved to see her child die before her. At first, she thought that she would never see her granddaughter but after giving birth to her granddaughter, her daughter-in-law sent the granddaughter to her through her mother (that maid) and then disappeared.


Xu Xinduo had never been taken care of by her biological mother and Grandma Xu’s condition was not very good. She could only feed her milk powder and pasta.


The milk powder was not of good quality and occasionally caused Xu Xinduo’s stomach to be susceptible. If she ate it too hot or cold, she would suffer from stomach discomfort.


Tong Yan: Has that maid been dealt?


Xu Xinduo: It is said that the case was reported. However,  she is only imprisoned because this is considered a civil litigation.


Tong Yan: Isn’t that human trafficking?


Xu Xinduo: The Mu family will deal with her by themselves after she is released. I don’t know what they will do. They are waiting for Mu Qingyi to come back.
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