The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 34

Edited By Msi & Girondono

Tong Yan felt very puzzled when he read Xu Xinduo’s message. He quickly replied: What happened to the Mu family? Are such things controlled by their juniors?


Xu Xinduo: I heard that my identity was also investigated by Mu Qingyi.


Tong Yan: The husband and wife of the Mu family will be finished sooner or later. It is really a miracle that they can give birth to children like you and Mu Qingyi.


At this time, Xu Xinduo received another message. When she clicked on it, she found that Lou Xu had sent it.


Lou Xu: I waited all night, thinking that you would come to tell me everything about that incident. I didn’t expect you to keep quiet but I couldn’t sit still.


Xu Xinduo: Wouldn’t that also implicate you?


Lou Xu: I don’t care. Mu Qingyao does not dare to do anything to me. That little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! I scolded her but she didn’t dare to answer back. She knew that she was nothing without Mu Qingyi and Shen Zhuhang.


Xu Xinduo: That’s good to hear.


Lou Xu: Will you still go to make-up classes?


Xu Xinduo: Yes.


Lou Xu: Good, there is no need to be afraid of them. Shao Qinghe is a reasonable person and he also stood up for you that day. Moreover, Mu Qingyi is also going to return home soon as the student exchange program is almost over.


Xu Xinduo asked that question again: What kind of person is Mu Qingyi?


Lou Xu: He is so arrogant and cute which makes him very interesting.


Tong Yan saw that Xu Xinduo was typing but he didn’t get any message. Then his eyes suddenly fell on Wei Lan who was sitting ahead. He seemed to be completely focused on something.

Tong Yan knew very well that Wei Lan would never focus on studies so much. He must be doing something else like… chatting.


As a result, Tong Yan came over and asked when he saw her chatting, “I am together with you for the first time. However, you still went to chat with others without replying to my message?”


“It was just a sudden message…”


Tong Yan was still unhappy. He moved away and ignored Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo lowered her head to send a message to Tong Yan: Well, I will talk to you first.


Tong Yan took a look at his mobile phone but didn’t reply. He stared at Xu Xinduo and replied angrily, “Go away.”


Tong Yan’s voice was neither loud nor soft but many people in the class heard it.


Wei Lan was relieved. ‘That’s how Tong Yan should behave.’


There were indeed many people in the school who were concerned about Tong Yan.


In the past, Xu Xinduo was in Tong Yan’s body. Those people talked about Tong Yan in secret, avoiding him. Naturally, she didn’t know about it.


This time she saw everything from the perspective of a third person. She couldn’t help sighing… ‘Why did so many people blindly fall for Tong Yan?’


During the optional courses, the students of other classes also came to attend. They secretly asked the students of the International Class Four: “How did Brother Yan react to his new deskmate? Did he make trouble?”


Although they avoided Tong Yan, they would not avoid Xu Xinduo. They didn’t care about Xu Xinduo noticing their blunt probing gaze.


Most of the students in Class Four sneered and then replied, “He didn’t create any trouble but he still cursed Xu Xinduo and told her to go away. However, she did not go away.”


“She is really cheeky. Someone reminded her when she sat there for the first time, but she still ignored it. Brother Yan really doesn’t like having a deskmate.”


“I say so, but she got the same desk as brother Yan… “


“Even if it was so … people still want to become Brother Yan’s deskmate.”




They envied her.


They would be thrilled to sit beside Brother Yan for nearly two years


Even if they were scolded, it was worth it.


However, after knowing that Xu Xinduo wasn’t having a good time being Tong Yan’s deskmate, they could only comfort themselves saying: What’s so good about it? Isn’t Brother Yan cursing her?
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