The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 35

Edited By Msi & Girondono

(T/N: There was some ambiguous part in the previous chapter so we decided to clarify this by reading the next few chapters. Tong Yan got angered because he thought that Xu Xinduo was chatting with Wei Lan and felt ignored (or jealous?). We have revised the previous chapter. Please check it out for further clarity.)


At noon the next day, Xu Xinduo sat in the cafeteria for dinner. Zhen Longtao didn’t bother Xu Xinduo but it was Lou Xu who sat opposite Xu Xinduo.


After sitting down, Lou Xu gave Xu Xinduo a drink: “I bought it for you.”


Xu Xinduo was still quite surprised but she didn’t refuse and said: “Thank you.”


In Lou Xu’s view, she and Xu Xinduo were people who had fought against evil forces together. They had a profound revolutionary friendship, so she regarded Xu Xinduo as a good friend.


Then she asked, “Did Shen Zhuhang trouble you?”


Xu Xinduo shook her head and saw that the bottle was wet on the outside. Seeing this, she understood that the drink was very cold and her stomach could not handle it. At first, she wanted to refuse but then she thought of Luo Xu’s feelings and decided not to do so. Moreover, she could take it back to the classroom after eating and wait for it to become normal before drinking.


Lou Xu asked again: “What about Tong Yan? I heard that you are Tong Yan’s deskmate. He came back yesterday.”


Xu Xinduo was really shocked: “Your rocket class knows about even such a thing?”


“A post mentioned this matter two days ago. As you know, I always pay attention to the good-looking people.”


“It’s fine.”


“That’s fine. I don’t think he will be cruel to a pretty girl like you.”


Lou Xu shut up after saying this, mainly because she noticed that Tong Yan appeared in the cafeteria and was walking towards them.


Tong Yan looked at the drink next to Xu Xinduo as he passed by them. He reached out to feel its temperature and then took it directly without saying anything.


After that, he left the cafeteria with Wei Lan and others.


Lou Xu stared at Tong Yan as he left. When Tong Yan’s figure disappeared, she asked Xu Xinduo: “Is he bullying you?”




“He took your drink away.”


“Oh… I’m sorry about that.”


Lou Xu quickly waved her hand, “It’s just a drink.”


Xu Xinduo pulled out her mobile phone from her pocket and saw Tong Yan’s message: If you can’t drink it, you should refuse. Don’t you know that you can’t drink cold things?


Xu Xinduo: Are you my caretaker?


Tong Yan: Don’t be angry.


Tong Yan: Did you chat with Wei Lan?


Xu Xinduo: Yesterday, he asked me if I had any homework left to do.


Somehow, Tong Yan felt relieved as well agitated: He did your homework?!


Xu Xinduo: Of course, not. I rejected him politely.


Tong Yan: So, you are rude only to me?


Xu Xinduo: Am I not polite to you?


Tong Yan waited for a while before replying: I really spoiled you. What are you drinking?


Xu Xinduo: Oolong tea.


Tong Yan: Well, don’t pay attention to Wei Lan’s words.


Xu Xinduo: Alright.


This wasn’t only seen by Lou Xu but many people who were sitting around and paying attention to Tong Yan saw it.


So a rumor spread: Mu family’s adopted daughter tried to make up with Tong Yan but Tong Yan not only ignored her but also bullied her.


Then another rumor spread: Even after getting scolded by Tong Yan, Xu Xinduo continued to be Tong Yan’s deskmate.


Just as Xu Xinduo was drinking the oolong tea that Tong Yan bought for her, she fell into contemplation.


‘Why do these students define such childish bullying as cool? Is that because the man is Tong Yan?’


She turned around and looked at Tong Yan, who was lying on the table, sleeping like a baby.


She was really puzzled…
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