The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 36

Edited By Msi & Girondono

At this time, she noticed the tattoo on Tong Yan’s neck, extending from the back of his ear to the upper part of his collarbone. Nothing was impossible to manipulate. In Xu Xinduo’s opinion, it was a very correct statement.


She knew that there was a scar at that place when she swapped into Tong Yan’s body during childhood. It was neat and tidy, just like a knife cut.


She never asked about the origin of the scar. She only knew that at the age of twelve, Tong Yan had gotten a tattoo to hide the scar.


Just as she fell into contemplation, another rumor started: Xu Xinduo stared at Tong Yan for a long time. It is suspected that she is an infatuated girl and secretly in love with Tong Yan.




When Xu Xinduo returned home, she heard Mu Qingyao exclaim: “Brother, you are back!”


With that, she ran to the teenager who was standing at the entrance of the stairs happily.


Xu Xinduo glanced casually. She only saw the clothes worn by the boy. He was slender and slightly thinner than Tong Yan, but she didn’t see his face clearly.


She didn’t care. After all, they didn’t know each other. She went to the kitchen and took a glass of water.


Mu Qianyi also watched Xu Xinduo enter the kitchen.


The Mu family had many servants. When he saw Xu Xinduo pouring water for herself and not asking for servants’ help, he felt that she wasn’t getting treatment befitting a young lady.


(T/N: “Young Master” or “Young Lady” refers to the descendants of a powerful or wealthy family.)


Mu Qingyao coquettishly asked, “Brother! Have you brought me a gift?”


“Release me.” Mu Qingyi said with a sigh.


Mu Qingyao immediately loosened her hands on Mu Qingyi’s sleeve obediently.


Mu Qingyi glanced at the kitchen again, then turned around and walked upstairs. Before leaving, he dropped a sentence: “My suitcase is in the living room. You can choose the gift yourself.”


When Xu Xinduo finished drinking water and walked outside, she heard the servant saying, “Master, didn’t you just come downstairs? Why did you go back again?”


But Mu Qingyi didn’t answer.


Xu Xinduo went upstairs with a bag and couldn’t help laughing. This Mu Qingyi went downstairs to see her?


Father Mu seemed very happy when they had dinner together. After sitting down, he exclaimed, “The whole family has finally gathered together. Mu Qingyi hasn’t seen his sister yet. This is her.”


Mu Qingyi glanced at Xu Xinduo and humphed.


Xu Xinduo wasn’t used to talking while eating and naturally said nothing.


Looking at the three children sitting and dining together, Father Mu felt a sudden relief in his heart and said, “All three of you are our children, and I will take good care of you. I will be impartial…”


When it came to being impartial, Xu Xinduo and Mu Qingyi looked up at him at the same time.


The two of them were sitting next to each other and their movements were almost synchronized. Their appearance when they looked up was practically carved out of the same mold.


Especially their eyes were light amber just like a cat’s eyes. They were full of laziness as if they hadn’t awakened yet.


Moreover, they rolled their eyes almost at the same time.


Mother Mu was watching them. Seeing their identical appearance, her eyes suddenly turned red for some unknown reason.


She initially found Xu Xinduo strange and didn’t know how to get along. However, a little affection appeared in her heart at this time.


She quickly adjusted her emotions and said in a low voice, “It’s good that Duoduo came back. In the future, your mother will be more kind to you and make up for your grievances in these years.”
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