The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 37

Edited By Msi & Girondono

Unexpectedly, Xu Xinduo suddenly put down her chopsticks and said indifferently, “Mother is being too serious. Grandma has treated me well. The grievances I suffered in previous years are not as much as those in the past few days.”


The scene immediately became quiet.


Father Mu and Mother Mu became particularly embarrassed. Father Mu coughed and said, “Have we wronged you? Didn’t we make the best arrangement for you after you came?”


Xu Xinduo still remained calm. She had seen the nonchalance under the guise of affection. Just because she seemed indifferent didn’t mean she was blind to it all. Even so, she replied softly. “I understand that you’ve maintained your affection for me all these years. Although I don’t care about identity, it still disappointed me. The disappointment in my heart will never change. It’s already etched deep in my heart and is beyond recompense.”


Father Mu banged his fist on the table: “It’s just an identity nothing more. Is it so important to you?”


“It doesn’t matter as I don’t care about it. Perhaps I was too impatient… Forget it; it doesn’t matter. You just be happy.”


Father Mu ’s words contained a little more anger: “We’ve already promised that we will be even more kind to you in the future. What else do you want?”


Xu Xinduo lowered her eyes and said with an indifferent expression, “It’s good that you will be kinder to me. However, I also understand that it’s all for the sake of getting spiritual relief and convincing yourself that what you have done is right. Well, I’m not disappointed. I’m pleased. Thank you.”


When Xu Xinduo finished speaking, she stood up and walked upstairs without even eating.


Father Mu was so angry that he pointed to the departing Xu Xinduo and said to the other two children, “Look at her attitude. Just as expected, she wasn’t raised properly. She has no manners at all.”


Mu Qingyao immediately persuaded: “Dad, don’t be angry. We don’t know her well.”


Mu Qingyi looked at the dinner in front of him and suddenly felt that the food was tasteless.


Mu Qingyi put down chopsticks and said, “If you have treated her fairly and given what identity she should get from the very beginning, I think, she wouldn’t have such an attitude. There wasn’t any problem with her manners when she said that.”


Father Mu trembled in anger: “What do you mean?!”


Mu Qingyi sighed: “She is just a little disappointed.”


Mu Qingyi then stood up and said, “I’ve finished. I’ll go back to studying.”


After saying that, he left and went upstairs.


After both of them left, no one continued to eat.


Mu Qingyao’s eyes seemed to be trembling. She began to feel uneasy. She was not sure who Mu Qingyi favored most.


If Mu Qingyi supported Xu Xinduo, what could she do?


‘No way.’


‘Absolutely not!’




Xu Xinduo went to the kitchen to drink water at night.


She walked into the living room and saw Mu Qingyi sorting out his suitcase. She ignored him and went straight to drink water.


On the way back, Mu Qingyi suddenly stopped her: “Have you chosen?”




“A gift.”


Xu Xinduo came to have a look and touched the suitcase with her foot: “I want this suitcase.”


“What do you want this suitcase for?”






Mu Qingyi gave the suitcase to Xu Xinduo and carried a rabbit with several other things upstairs.


When Mu Qingyao chose a gift, Xu Xinduo once looked at it. There seemed to be no rabbit at that time. It’s a little frustrated looking rabbit with a pink tongue and drooping ears.


Did he just get it?


Or was she overthinking?
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