The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 39

Edited By Msi & Girondono

Lu Renjia was a little upset and glared at Lou Xu, “I just hope that she can see things clearly. If she doesn’t sit next to Tong Yan shamelessly, Tong Yan won’t even talk to her. I’m just advising her for her own good!”


After listening, Xu Xinduo sighed: “When I entered the classroom, there was only one seat available. Moreover, I had just come here and was unfamiliar with everything. How could I even know who Tong Yan was? After all, my sister did not introduce him to me.”


Lu Renjia snorted with resentment and then argued, “Someone must have told you.”


“Someone must have told me? It’s just a seat. How can you even come up with so many stories?” Xu Xinduo couldn’t be bothered. Lu Renjia turned silent.


At this time, the teacher entered the classroom. Lu Renjia’s lips twitched and she didn’t say anything in the end.


She just envied Xu Xinduo for being Tong Yan’s deskmate.


However, she was convinced that Tong Yan must be sick of Xu Xinduo.




At the end of the afternoon lessons at 3:30, Lou Xu invited Xu Xinduo when she was packing up: “Duoduo, follow me to Shiyan Square.”


“What will we do there?”


“In the evening, a lot of little brothers go there to practice skateboarding. They are all super handsome!”


“I am not interested in this.”


“If you stand there for a while, many little brothers will ask you for your WeChat. I like to see this kind of scenario the most, especially seeing those wolfdogs acting all shy.”


(T/N: “Wolfdog” was usually used to describe handsome, cool, domineering, and young aged boys.)


Xu Xinduo couldn’t hold back her smile after listening: “Isn’t it better to be asked for WeChat naturally? Why are we going there for it.”


“You don’t understand! What I like the most is seeing them being conquered by my beauty. Besides, those who take the initiative are not necessarily handsome. If there’s any really handsome boy, I’ll rush over.”


“You have magical brain circuits.”


“Oh, come with me!”




Xu Xinduo had nothing to do in the afternoon. After thinking about it, she agreed to go to Shiyan Square.


As soon as they got out of the classroom, Lu Renjia told Zhen Longtao that Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu had gone to Shiyan square together.


As Mu Qingyao and Lu Renjia were going to lunch together, her eyes accidentally fell on Lu Renjia’s mobile phone but she didn’t say anything and just followed Lu Renjia quietly.


Mu Qingyao had always been with Lu Renjia. Lu Renjia looked at her cell phone from time to time.


 When Mu Qingyao ordered food, she heard Lu Renjia receive a voice message: “We saw them both.”


Mu Qingyao was still not in a hurry. After eating with Lu Renjia, she excused herself by saying that she was going to the washroom and went out to call Mu Qingyi.


She was obviously not in a hurry. However, when Mu Qingyi picked up the call, she said in an anxious voice, “Brother, I just heard a message saying that Zhen Longtao is going to find trouble with Xu Xinduo. He took a group of people to Shiyan square to find Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu! What should I do now? Won’t Xu Xinduo get into trouble?”
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