The legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 4

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Larkspur

Xu Xinduo looked back at them and they stopped talking.

‘Let’s see what kind of expression you give us when we berate you.’

“Yes, fakes are disgusting,” Xu Xinduo said.

They didn’t know that in Xu Xinduo’s eyes they were silly.

Then Mu Qingyao brought Xu Xinduo to the swimming pool. “This is our school’s swimming pool. This is the only outdoor pool. There are also indoor pools in the gymnasium and it also has a diving platform. You should try it next time.”

Girl 1 immediately said, “I don’t think villages have this kind of set up, so she wouldn’t know swimming, right?”

Girl 2: “No, there is a small river in the village. She could have had a wild bath.”

Several girls joined in the laughter.

Xu Xinduo sighed.

‘I am too lazy to talk to them.’

“Let’s go back,” said Xu Xinduo.

Mu Qingyao knew that Xu Xinduo must be unhappy.

Seeing that Xu Xinduo was not happy, she laughed to herself. She took Xu Xinduo’s arm and said, “Don’t go to the multimedia building right away. It’s the most easy to get lost. It’s a circular design.”

They walked into the multimedia building. The most prominent classroom on the first floor was the music classroom.

Upon entering, Mu Qingyao started to explain. “You haven’t seen so many musical instruments before, right?”

Girl 1: “The cost of pipe organs here is enough to build a villa in their village.”

Xu Xinduo didn’t care what they said. Her old mobile phone vibrated a few times. She took it out and saw the WeChat message.

Tong Yan: Switch Bodies! Participate in the Piano Competition on my behalf.

Xu Xinduo typed a reply: I’ve always told you to practice piano diligently, why don’t you ever listen?!

Tong Yan: Don’t I have you?

The girls next to Xu Xinduo could not see who she was chatting with. They could only see that Xu Xinduo’s mobile phone screen was broken. They did not even know that the screen of the mobile phone was broken by Tong Yan when he was in her body. When ‘she’ was angry, ‘she’  had smashed the phone and broken the screen.

(T/N: I need to clarify something. Whenever Tong Yan takes over Xu Xinduo’s body, I will address him as ‘she’ and vice-versa just as I did in last paragraph.)

Xu Xinduo went to the piano and placed her hand on it, seemingly looking carefully. However, she was, in fact, making sure that her body would not fall during the swap.

Oblivious to what was going on, Mu Qingyao continued. “This piano is the treasure of the school because it is an antique. School will not let anyone touch it easily. When you get the piano test certificate, the teacher may let you play a few times.”

Girl 1: “Is piano this easy to learn? If you begin to learn at this age, you can at most play <Little star>.”

Girl 2: “Yes, the only talented person at the piano is Yaoyao. Last time, she won third place in the competition.”

After Tong Yan transferred into Xu Xinduo’s body, ‘she’ moved her neck and turned to look at the four girls behind her.

“What did you say just now?”

The corner of her mouth was raised into a sneer. Her eyes were filled with three parts ridicule and seven parts violence.

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